Where To Buy Salvia – Or Should you?

March 4, 2016 // Posted in Salvia Divinorum  

Where To Buy Salvia

If you’re reading this now you’re probably looking for a place where to buy salvia, sometimes it can be difficult to find the right place to purchase your salvia divinorum, but there are many places online that still sell it, but instead of searching for the best place to buy salvia divinorum maybe you should consider growing your own because this plant is relatively easy to grow. where to buy salvia? how about where to grow salvia instead.

Just Grow Salvia

Salvia Divinorum - Where To Buy Salvia

Where To Buy Salvia – Divinorum.

This plant is so easy to grow it makes no sense not to grow it. You really only need good soil, well draining but also holds moisture. If your soil is not well draining you can add sand and perlite to the mix. another good additive is Coco fiber this is the fiber on the outside of the coconut you can purchase it online and it’s actually very beneficial to plants because it can help your soil retain moisture and also with the other additives will give you a well draining soil that retains moisture and it’s perfect for growing salvia divinorum plants  you also want to add some other things to the soil mix and I’m going to go over that in my how to grow salvia divinorum guide which I will post the link here once I’m done with it. if you want more information on salvia divinorum subscribe to this blog  I’m also going to go over some information on how you can get your salvia divinorum plants to produce their own seeds  but it’s easy enough to propagate these plants from cutting there’s no real need for seeds for most people, Unless you’re trying to get some sort of unique genetics in which case you will want to produce seeds and cross with the Salvia divinorum paradox strain is a very good strained to start off with if you’re looking for genetics to cross  because the paradox strain is actually a seed grown strain


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