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Newly Rooted Banisteriopsis Caapi Cuttings – Video HD-720p

January 6, 2011 // Posted in Ayahuasca, Ethnobotanicals, Videos (Tags: , , , , , , ) |  1 Comment

Newly Rooted Banisteriopsis Caapi Cuttings – Video HD-720p

Psychotria Viridis – Growing Great (Video)

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These Psychotria Viridis Plants are doing great. They adapt to your area pretty quickly compared to other Ethnobotanical plants.

The Psychotria sp. plants are very easy to clone or to propagate via leaf cutting. For more information check out my channel on YouTube Here. If your looking to obtain a live plant join the forum and make a post here

How To Grow Lagochilus inebrians From Seeds

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Lagochilus Inebrians Growers Guide 1.0

Turkish Mint seems to be one of the most sought after rare Entheogenic herbs. Lagochilus inebrians being in the Labiatae mint family, has strong intoxicating, sedative, and relaxing properties depending on dosage and potency of the strain.

The Strong intoxication is said to be cause by the alkaloid lagochiline. Lagochiline is a bitter diterpene that forms as a Grey crystalline solid.

Growing these plants can be tricky at times but if you follow directions and try to keep a close eye on your seedlings they will reach a good height and soon be able to develop into a much more hardy,care free plant/bush.

First off i would like to say there are a lot of people out there claiming lots of things about growing this plant from seed. Everyone tried to tell me you need to cold shock these seeds before they will be viable. I am not saying that is 100%  false but no matter if you cold shock them or not there will still be viable seeds that will grow in to very nice bushy plants.

This is a Tested and Working Method

Step One, Before you plant the seeds you want to rinse them in the sink.

Retrieve a plastic drinking cup, place seeds into the cup and fill with warm water ( Not Hot ).  Then Leave them in the water for 2-4 hours. This will give the seeds a bit of time to hydrate and gain there  required moisture absorbtion to help there germination viablity.

Step Two, Use only small plastic cups to germinate the seeds in. Once you find the right size cup or flower pot you want to use then moisten the soil by putting it in a jar/container add water and mix well. Once mixed take a hand full of soil and squeeze it till only 1-2 drops of water come off of the soil.

That is a indication the moisture content is perfect for the seeds. I also want to also add just in case you might have some cacti soil i would use 25% cacti soil and 75% dirt to help with drainage. You dont want to use just soil when germinating unless the air in your house is over 50% humidity because it will dry the seeds out and they die once that happens.

Step Three, Once you have the soil in the cup/container plant the seed right in the middle of the pot. Depending on how many seeds you have i would recommend added 3 seeds per flower pot in the same hole. Unless the seeds have very good viability you would be lucky to get one plant to grow from one pot. Plant the seeds about half an inch from the top of the soil. do not compact the soil over the seed make sure it is loose. Once the seeds are in the dirt mist the top layer of the soil with a misting bottle. Get some plastic wrap and place it over the flower pot to hold in the moisture you can seal it with a rubber band or a string what ever you have that is handy.

The seedlings can start to show signs of life in 5-7 days but may take up to 3 weeks before all the seedlings will come up. Sometimes a few of the seeds do not absorb enough moisture and take a while longer to sprout.

Caring For Your Plant

Once It is over 2 weeks old, You will need to transplant the

seedling with out damaging the roots. Do not try to take the soil off the roots this will shock the seedling. When you transplant you want to use about 75% cacti soil in your soil mix. This was the plant will have enough drainage. Do not use a humidity dome. if your plant has problems drooping then adapt it to lower humidity by taking the plastic off for a few hours more a day till there is no need. Once the plant is about 3-5 inches tall it will start to use less and less water. With that said you have to Stop watering them at the same times you have been. I would say anywhere from 6-9 days apart from watering would be good. Just depending on The size on the plant. I do believe once the plants roots get bigger it holds in water because of it natural environment it doesn’t rain that often.

Here is the Video of the seedlings That I sprouted a while back. Also i wanted to add that in this video I go on saying the viability doesn’t last long. Again this is another tall tale because those seeds were near three years old only in my possession so may be even older. So from now on we are only going to go by facts, we will know there true from our own experiments.

Enjoy the Video

Do Hallucinogetic Plants Wake People Up ?

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Terence Mckenna Seems to think so. Check out this video for more info.

A Guys Surf’s Down The Amazon River

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This is a really great video. I bet that is really fun

Amazon Is Drying Up

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This is really sad.

Kratom Cutting Update 2

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Here is the second Cutting that was rooted in perlite.

They still need to be adapted to lower humidity. All you need to do

is to, take them out of the plastic bag for a few hours a day till they adapt.


Texas Cactus Growing On The Side Of The Road

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This is a Cactus that people cook and eat. I do not know the exact name of this cactus if anyone has any info on this species let me know.

Lagochilus Inebrians Seedling aka Turkish Mint

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This is a very interesting plant indeed. This Turkish mint is said to cause a sedated euphoric state. This is a rare view of a seedling. The viable seeds are somewhat hard to come by most of the time. If anyone has any pictures or info on growing this plants feel free to get in contact with me. But for now check out this rare video of a seed sprouting.

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Kratom Cutting Method Two Part Two

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This Is Part Two of the video.

Salvia divinorum, Kratom, San Pedro Cactus and more