Salvia Divinorum Plants For Sale

April 1, 2012 // Posted in Salvia Divinorum  

Salvia Divinorum Plants For Sale

If your looking for Salvia Divinorum Plants check out for very healthy plants of the Blosser, and Hoffman/Wasson strains. You can also find Luna and the ultra rare Paradox strains every once in a while. They sometimes can go out of stock quickly, so you may want to subscribe to their system to receive updates on when these Salvia Divinorum plants are in back stock.

The Luna Strain – Diviners Sage Live Plants

Salvia Divinorum Plants For Sale - Luna Paradox

The Luna strain is very interesting, and the only strain that has a rounder type of leaf, which is extremely rare. Many people want to buy this strain just because of the fact that is has very unusual shaped leaves for a diviners sage plant. You can find these plants at If you don’t see them, make sure to subscribe and you will be notified.

Can I Grow these at home? The simple answer is Yes, but if you haven’t grown a plant before, you should read up on it Online and make sure you know what you’re doing before purchasing many different plants. It is best and recommended that start with one plants and then work your way up and collect the rest of the rare strains if you want. You can grow them using simple led lights or even CFL. The best lights that i found to work are in the 6000k spectrum which is like a cool white/blue tight. These plants will really reward you if you use these types of lights, because they provide the best light for fast growth. You can also use HPS lights, which will also work amazingly. But if you’re just starting out with a few plants, I would suggest to buy a few LED lights or CFL, because you can always add more lights in the future whenever your plants start growing huge.

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