Live Salvia Plants For Sale – 2017

April 3, 2016 // Posted in Salvia Divinorum  

Live Salvia Plants For Sale

You can find live Salvia plants at You can even find the ultra rare Salvia Divinorum Strain called Luna. Luna is totally different in appearance, because this strain has huge round leaves. There are speculations as to how this strain was produced, but it’s definitionally unique. The Live Salvia plant does look pretty stunning with it’s bright green colored leaves. The round appearance really makes this a valuable and highly sought after strain of Salvia.

Is Salvia Divinorum Hard To Grow?

No, Saliva Divinorum is easy to grow once you understand the basics of cultivating the plant. You can even use those tube florescent lights if you want to grow many smaller Salvia plants, or if you are learning how to root Salvia Plants. You can hang the lights so they are low and close to the Salvia plants leaves. If you want to know which soil I recommend for Salvia, it’s a well draining mix.

Do Live Salvia Plants Prefer Partial Shade?

Yes, live salvia plants prefer mostly partial shade. They don’t like to be in direct sunlight for too long.

What Is The Best Temperature For Growing Salvia Plants.

Live Salvia Plants - SDB

Live Salvia Plants

Salvia Divinorum grows best at a cool temperature, which is another reason it likes partial shade. These cooler temperatures allow the Salvia plant to thrive and continue it’s rapid development of it’s root system and leaves. Once Salvia plants are accumulated to their new environment they tend to start growing a lot more rapidly and require larger containers shortly after.

Changing the containers for the salvia plants will help them to continue thriving. Their strong root system likes to out grow these plant containers pretty quickly, that’s why I recommend to use These. If you use this container your plants will have a much stronger, healthier root system that will never become root bound. That’s why it’s best to start with the right containers from the beginning.


Which Lights do I need?

There are many options when it come to light, but do some lights work better than others? In this case yes, for Salvia Divinorum there are ideal lights to use. This plant grows a lot of vegetative growth with a lot of leaves constantly growing out(if you have a good light that is). So it is important to find out which lights work the best for these plants. I and working on a Grow Guide for Salvia Divinorum. I will have that information posted here soon.

If you are looking for more information check on the main Salvia Divinorum Blog Homepage.

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