How to Handle Cops When They Pull You Over

July 3, 2009 // Posted in Videos  

This is one of the best videos I have seen in a long time. It is a must see for anyone that is scared of the cops or getting in trouble. This will show you how to act/handle the cops when they try to scare you.

Always act calm. Know you rights. You do not have to let them search for car or your house. Never give them consent. always be nice to them, never show emotions such as anger or attitude. Be nice and polite to them, even if they make you made. They love to make people mad. They feed on power and control. Don’t give them any power. There egotistical Power Hungry Idiots for the most part. Not all cops are like this but most of them are. I hope you enjoy the video.

You might wanna take notes. Watch this video more then once to remember everything. Here is the video enjoy.

Salvia divinorum, Kratom, San Pedro Cactus and more
Salvia divinorum, Kratom, San Pedro Cactus and more

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