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Postby Ulmdorgr » Tue Oct 19, 2010 8:57 pm

Last updated: December 16, 2010.
BOARD STATUS: NORMAL. Frequency: 2-10 posts per week. Most peoples' plants are either dead, non-existent, or growing strong, without the need for help. I'll update this as need be, and will remove it when things pick up.

Hi everyone, with the last two weeks being the slowest in the last 10 months, and since I tend to be a responsive person rather than someone who posts new content (as I do not have a grow log or plants to attend to), I thought I'd make a large announcement for regulars and new comers who aren't seeing a lot of action.

If anyone is looking for support or a salvia community elsewhere, I recommend checking out [url]]a[/url]
Although the shop tends to be unresponsive (I don't recommend buying from it), the forum has a constant stream of new growers and some regulars. One of the best growers online checks in there (the guy who made the guide on how to seed plants; Carl, a.k.a. [url]]a[/url][url]Sea Mac[/url]).

I'm not telling you to forget about this forum. This community has a specific goal: to propagate the plant. Salvia Source is a catch all for salvia hobbyists as well as the curious. I check both boards. I like this one better, because I've had such a good response from people who come through here, but I see no reason not to explore other areas. I will continue to update the information here to compete with what seems to be a board that is unkempt. Our list of shops/growers also seems to be the best resource on the web. I consider this forum to be "clean," even though it is lacking a continuous, successful grow community.

Also, feel free to let me know what you think.
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Re: Board status/popularity

Postby SF » Fri Nov 12, 2010 4:17 pm

I haven't been to active on here either lately. Right now i have a very nice Salvia Divinorum Blosser stain growing. She is growing pretty quickly, so hopefully i can propagate a few nice mother plants soon. Once i get 4-5 good strong mother plants, i want to start sending out a few cuttings here and there.

I will be charging 15$ for shipping and packaging. It would also be nice for the Salvia Receivers to post pictures of there grow room or setup where they will be growing salvia just to prove they will be able to take care of the plant. The goal here is to spread the plants out, make them more popular and to give everyone thats interested a chance to grow this wonderful mint.

Once i get a enough plant established and maybe a few other strains. i want to try to put a few aside and switch the light cycle to 11/13 to force them to flower. I really want to try to use the qtip method and pollinate the flowers to produce seeds. with these seeds i will attempt to grow new strains and distribute them on this forum.

I was also thinking that maybe we could all partake in naming a strain or two. This is going to be a while into the future but i thought i would mention some of my plans.

hope everyone is doing well and you guys keep up the good work.
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