April 2010 SF cutting(s)

Salvia Divinorum Mass Distribution Project.

April 2010 SF cutting(s)

Postby Ulmdorgr » Wed Apr 21, 2010 11:10 am

Edit June 1, 2011: this post is no longer current. You can find places to buy plants, here: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=148 or you can look for an individual grower elsewhere on the forums.
Hi everyone, SF is looking for one or two people to receive cuttings. He only wants to distribute to active members, people who have contributed to the forums, and who have equipment.

Please reply if you are interested and have the following:
  • grow lights (cfls, LEDs, light fixtures, etc.)
  • spray bottles
  • pots
  • $15 for shipping.
  • camera
  • other stuff (nutrient solution, humidity dome plastic tarp or plastic bottles, humidifier, thermometer, ph gauge, humidity sensor, fan, pruning tools, etc.)

I just skimmed over the members list, and those who may qualify are:
  • ChemistKen
  • tryingtogrow
  • Eric Jackson
  • merryjohn
  • katsumoto
  • brainstew232
  • dreamyone

Again, please reply if interested, and list your equipment and plan of action.
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Re: April 2010 SF cutting(s)

Postby merryjohn » Tue Apr 27, 2010 2:44 pm

assuming nothing disastrous happens to my plant i will gladly be part of the project and trades. but i want it to get at least a good 2-3 feet first; bigger plants produce healthier, hardier cuttings faster!

I would like to select who i give cuttings to based on how much the member really wants it, ability to care for it, helpfulness to other members, etc. Anyone could get one, i would just prefer to give it to a member with 30 post and has experience growing other plants before the guy who posted 10 random topics just to get a plant. And of course i wont ship to states its illegal in. But thats a few months off.

for an updated grow log visit:

when i ship i usually send quite small cuttings (~6 in) in styrofoam cups that are fully rooted in moisture-control miracle grow soil with a little extra perlite, with a cut off bottle taped over the cup to preserve humidity and mostly to protect it from shipping and inexperienced growers, tho i also try and adjust the cuttings to room temp/humidity so theyll be ready for transplant on arrival if im not in a hurry. sometimes ill put a hole in it, but usually just puff a few breathes into the dome to give it a little supply of O2 and CO2. Free shipping via USPS media mail unless the receiver pays for another shipping method.

AND DO NOT FORGET EXISTING GROWERS! send me a different (or even same) strain and it will increase my output far, far more!

Heres and example of one i shipped a few years ago, except i usaed a small pot. SPECIMEN FOR EXAMPLE ONLY! NOT FOR DIST:
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