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Kratom Growing Guide v1.0

Postby SF » Fri Jan 06, 2012 8:11 pm

This information was taken from Kratom Growing Guide v1.0

Kratom Growing Guide v1.0

A work in progress.

Soil Mixes And Additives:
I use scotts soil (but I'm not a miracle grow fan) and i add 1/4 perlite to it to produce a nice well draining mix. Kratom trees need well draining soil that can still hold a lot of moisture, thats whats so good about Perlite. Vermiculite is also good to add, but it holds to much moisture to use in large quantities, so I would use it sparingly.

If your an egg eater or know someone who is, ask them to wash the shells off and save them for you. Later you can crush these up into a fine powder with a coffee grinder or maybe a small hammer. Mix the crushed egg shells into the soil to boost the calcium content.

I like to add some mulch to the top of the soil such as a few different kinds of small rocks and a few twigs this will help replicate its natural habitat. Mulch is good for adding a few trace minerals to the soil when you water your Kratom

I find this to be a good mix to start with, later you can add other ingredient.

I will add more later. Check the link for an update in the future.
I am going to expand this small guide to include strains and humidity levels and ph.
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