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PostPosted: Mon Sep 26, 2011 2:42 pm
by swatch

I looked throughout the various areas of the forum and didn't see anything specifically talking about this, other than one post where someone I think said something about a particular brand, but I wanted to ask what brand do you like for your Salvia experiences, other than plain leaves?

I'm guessing whatever brand you tried first is what you stuck with, and for me, there was only 1 brand offered at the smoke shop near my home, so that's what I still use to this day. It's Purple Sticky Brand. I think I read somewhere in another post that no one likes that brand, but I wanted to ask what three questions:

1) what brand do you use?
2) why do you use that brand?
3) if you've switched brands, or tried different ones, what is the reason you now stick with the one you use?

Thanks in advance.

Hopefully this doesn't become some flame war against brands, as I'm just interested in what else is out there, and why you choose the one you use.

Re: Brands

PostPosted: Mon Sep 26, 2011 7:43 pm
by RocketeerJim
Only bought SD twice. First time was a free sample of Salvia Max 20x, about a fifth of a gram for $30. Stupid, no?

Second one was a gram of "Pure" SD 60x for $47. Bought it in Aug '10 and Still have some of it. Both did the job quite well. So no preference.

Re: Brands

PostPosted: Mon Sep 26, 2011 10:02 pm
by Ulmdorgr
Swatch, PurpleSticky is bad because they mis-advertise horribly, and give you less salvinorin A per gram.

Ahaha, same, Jim. I've tried 1-3 low key brands from local stores, most of them "flavored" (worthless), and some online ones (these are in order of what I've tried; ahh I haven't reviewed my notes in so long!):
Salvia Revolution (80x)
Unknown (20x)
PurpleSticky (20AtomiX; a.k.a. 8x)
PurpleSticky (40AtomiX; a.k.a. 16x)
Salvia Hut 40x
Unknown (20x?)

I started my website, originally, to start doing salvia product reviews. I took pictures and notes on the PurpleSticky 20AtomiX and a bit on the Salvia Hut 40x, but never got around to posting the details. Eventually when I discovered the truth about the system (you can't trust anyone and will never know how much is in your gram) and how difficult it was to dose (I basically strive for a minimum of "5mg" now), I kind of lost interest.

I also found it very difficult to criticize anything other than the misadvertising that PurpleSticky puts on. I could, however, continue with a campaign to debunk the system and yell at brands, as well as offer a price comparison chart... Hmmm... PurpleSticky also seems to be the most common brand in retail stores. They're everywhere.

Oh, also, I've tried salvia while fairly drunk before: I recommend it to experienced users. It prolongs the body feeling, so the comedown, just out of the trance but before you lose the feeling, is much longer, even if placebo.