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Board rules - READ THIS

Postby Ulmdorgr » Thu Mar 18, 2010 12:35 pm

Before reading this post, you should be familiar with the legality topic, "Legal issues - READ THIS!" found here: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=91

First of all, these rules have not been confirmed or mandated by the owner of the forum (SF). This is a set of guidelines defined by a few members who hope to maintain respect for the plants discussed here.

General Rules
  • When requesting seeds, cuttings, etc. of entheogens:
  • NEVER post a video of yourself or your friends under the influence of Salvia Divinorum online (ANYWHERE). Its reputation has already been slandered enough. Entheogens are meant to be used to induce an inner experience, not outer. Not only are videos harmful to an objective perspective of the experience, they are not able capture the most important part of the experience.
    • If you are attempting to consume Salvia Divinorum, make sure to have a trip sitter that is prepared to keep you safe. Make sure the sitter is aware of what could happen while you are intoxicated (movement, thrashing, yelling, cries for help, laughter, paralysis, trance-like state, etc.). Tell them to be quiet during the experience, not to laugh, and not to ask questions until after the experience. If you are able to speak to and comprehend your trip sitter, you are probably not intoxicated enough to be a risk. Most importantly: make sure your trip sitter does not call the police (911) for any reason during the experience. There should be no reason to be afraid. When smoked, Salvinorin A leaves the blood through the urine within a few hours (higher concentrations could take several hours). Testing for this substance is rare, and if it is legal in your area, you have nothing to worry about if something does end up happening (like if the person under the influence hits their head on something and starts bleeding, just call for help and don't worry about Salvia).
    • Please do not consume Salvia Divinorum unless you are 18 years of age or older. Research has not given us conclusive information about its effects, and I cannot justify the use of psychoactive substances for minors (that includes caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes).
  • Document your experiences - be smarter! Make observations and learn!
  • Be responsible. Don't blame plants, animals, or any tool for your actions. Know what you are getting yourself into.
  • Investigate and research. Don't rely on others. Experiment, but be safe!
  • Stay quiet and private, do not show off, remember that "loose lips sink ships."
  • Respect the plant and reinvent yourself!

Drugs don't make people dangerous: dangerous people are prone to doing dangerous things. Remember that.

Posting Rules
  • No spam.
  • No porn.
  • No anger. Go outside and take a walk, then come back.
    • We don't have censorship rules per se, but please refrain from racist/derogatory/inflammatory language. We want to keep our members, not piss them off. Admins have very flexible banning privileges and may remove you without warning. Profanity is allowed, but over use is, of course, unnecessary and not advised.
  • Do not post the personal information of others unless previously disclosed by them publicly (such as their country of origin or what plants they are tending to).
  • No cops! Quit spying on us.
  • Be patient. Be open. Not everyone here is a native English speaker (some use an online translator).

Many thanks to boolie.

*Edit* Salviafan
We do not tolerate any Spam or advertising what so ever on this forum. This includes posting links to items for sale(non Sponsor) and making any post talking about you have plants or anything for that matter for sale.

If you wish to sell anything on this forum, Send a Private Message to SF.
If you would like to be one of our sponsors lets me know by PM and i will get back with you.
This would include a link to your store or website on the front page of the forum along with your own section for posting product information or customer service.
If anyone notices any links to products for sale either delete them(if your a mod) or report it to me SF or any other mod.
If you do decide to post links or advertise without asking me(SF) first, your account may be deactivated or worse deleted and your ip banned.
Thank you all for respecting the rules.
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