A couple of questions about an established plant

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A couple of questions about an established plant

Postby wires333 » Mon Dec 01, 2014 8:29 am


I recently bought an established but bedraggled SD plant. It had a bit of a journey here and was attacked by a cat at the previous owner's house. It is pretty tall (75cm) and in much too small a pot.

When I got it (last week) I placed it near a window with blinds half open (there's not much sun where I am at the moment anyway) put it under a polythene sheet and gave it a few sprays a day. I don't think the humidity tent was a good idea as I noticed some small white patches of what look like mould today so I've taken that off and allowed it to dry out a bit. It's in a fairly cool room. Most of the leaves have brown patches, mostly at the tips that have gotten a bit worse since it's been here - but that could be down to the journey it had here.

As I mentioned, it is in a tiny pot (probably 2l). It must be root bound.

Shall I repot it now or give it a chance to adjust?
Should I be worried about the brown patches?
Should I take cuttings soon or leave it a while? I was thinking of cutting quite a few of the nodes off the top and trying to root those.

I've attached some photos, many thanks for your help!
salvia 2.jpg
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Re: A couple of questions about an established plant

Postby RocketeerJim » Sat Dec 12, 2015 5:31 pm

You have a nice looking plant.
I'd not worry too much about dry leaf edges.
Yes, by all means, transplant into a larger pot!
When you take a cutting from the top node two new tops will form and doing so will also encourage growth of new sprouts at lower leaf/trunk junctures. If you delay cutting the top (apical meristem) the plant will continue to grow taller and mainstem will eventually break. If you want to make most cuttings, cut the top node right away and you'll have many more side-shoots in a few weeks. Cut those off once they have two or three nodes, cut their lower ends diagonally about 1/2" below the lowest node, roll that end in some "Rootone" or similar rooting powder and place them into a jar containing an inch or so of fresh water with a plastic baggy rubberbanded over the top. Open the bag every few days to replace the water and air therein but otherwise leave sealed. You should see roots beginning to sprout within a week or ten days. Try to keep the temp at around 20C and give them as much light for as long as possible. . . artificial lighting will help if you use LEDs to keep the temperature under control. Check out pages 5 and 6 of my "Sylvia" Growlog (In "Show Room" Section of this Forum) to see photos of my "nursery".
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