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Salvia Divinorum Cultivation

PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2012 3:37 pm
by ChanBallim
I have been growing a salvia plant since last November. It is February 2012 at this time.
The first mistake made was too much humidity and 'tenting' the plant at night. Salvia does fine in the open air, indoors with very little watering needed. A normal photo type, low watt and inexpensive lamp has been used in doors timing with the sun. I take the plant outside on nice days. Keep it in the shade and away from stiff winds. This is a delicate plant that will thrive it seems if one doesn't mess with it too much. Water lightly once daily. I Watch the nutrients and havce not added any. I am using a standard "Miracle Grow" potting soil and a 10" pot. This plant has grown very fast and I am attempting cloning at this time using mature leaves and stems trimmed and dipped in butyric acid then transfered to a sterile, water soaked peat block filled mini greenhouse I found at a major garden/lumber outlet. I am growing and cloning other plants in the same greenhouse and all seem to go well together.