Polar bears. Not so much.

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Polar bears. Not so much.

Postby Dorabella » Sat Jul 16, 2011 7:09 pm

Hay everyone!

New member here.
edit: Such a hare brain. Anyway, I'm from Finland. We sadly don't have any polar bears here. I don't care for the really cold winters, and actually the summers can be a bit hot too.

I'm a lady in my early 20's quite curious about a lot of things, like books, languages, gardening.
Planning on getting into Uni next year to study microbiology, or geology. Haven't decided quite yet, so difficult because on one hand microbiology would be so interesting and awesome.. and on the other, I like volcanos and want to know more about the planet and stuff.

I am definitely introverted and like being by myself, also I do talk to/by myself a lot. I think it's just a way to organize my thoughts and not a sign of insanity or anything :D I am shy too, not just introverted.. It's definitely easier on the internet, though I've noticed that I can be a little shy online when playing MMORPG's (I can be a wee bit of a geek.) I do meet people and socialize but it's good, important even, to have enough time for introspecting and discovering new things to amuse me.

Now, when it comes plants.. I've only started to really grow things this year actually (before it's just been vegetables and food plants.) Ordered a bunch of seeds really early in the year and it's been just wonderful!
Some of the things I grow: Catnip, Valeriana, Echinacea purpurea, Liquorice, Chamomile. Useful things like that. Also European Centaury. All germinated in about a week or less, beginner's luck?

And my pride and joy.. Salvia elegans a.k.a Pineapple Sage.
Propagated from seed, with great care and love. Even though it's said that seeds won't germinate, not easily anyway. Absolutely love it, the sweet scent and bright red flowers. Took some cuttings today, because I definitely want to keep thins beauty around. (Will post pictures if anyone's interested.)

Poking around the internet for more cool sages, I came across Sally.. I'd be lying if I said I weren't at all interested in what she can do, the visions and the possibility to learn more about myself. But also I'd be happy to just help, try to keep her alive and well. I don't know much about plant breeding and stuff, but this would be an opportunity to learn. (I actually have questions already, maybe silly questions but I'm intrigued and this might just be the place to ask?)

I'm such a night owl, but it's 4 am already so I guess I'll end this introduction here. Hope my English makes sense (not my first language, or even second.)

Nighty night!
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Re: Polar bears. Not so much.

Postby Dorabella » Sun Jul 17, 2011 5:19 am

I hope I don't sound too enthusiastic?

When I find something interesting, something I like, I kinda tend to throw myself into it and devour any information I can get :oops: And I can never be too sure what I write when I stay up so late, kinda just ramble on and get carried away.
And I also tend to worry too much, hence this post.

Now reading through the forums and getting to know more about Sally.
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Re: Polar bears. Not so much.

Postby Ulmdorgr » Sun Jul 17, 2011 5:12 pm

Hello there! You're the 2nd Fin to appear here in the last month. That's pretty rare! I hope you study salvia divinorum. We need more research! :D

Most psychonauts are introverts or ambiverts (like myself, but I lean to introversion). Reflection is necessary to evolve and change. It's a period of psychological metamorphosis.

I've played way too many video games. I don't want to waste myself on them anymore (they're worse than drugs for me).

I have to apologize for the slowness of the forum. Most people come and go. I don't know why I spend so much time here, but I love thinking about the plant and trying to help others handle her. I have such a strong connection with her now... Anyways, the best way to use this forum is to ask questions, share your experiences, and share your research.

Welcome, I hope you check in once in a while. Also, there are other forums to check out and lots of resources online.

Edit: Yeah, you can ask your questions anywhere. The best way to get a plant is to just buy it from an online vendor at this point, but if you're in Finland, you won't be able to (to my knowledge it is illegal there). Let me know if it's legal and I'll update our info.
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Re: Polar bears. Not so much.

Postby Dorabella » Mon Jul 18, 2011 1:46 am

Really? I know there are people here that use and grow (to some extent).. Well, it's interesting.

Makes sense. I really value quietness and that I can spend time observing myself and my views of the world. And indeed I have discovered things about little me, tho I know I have a long way to go.

Ah, video games. I've haven't played a lot of different ones, still like some that I played as a kid. :) I kinda play in seasons, esp in the winter since it get so damn cold here and you can't go outside for long. And I have too many hobbies to care play often. But I have noticed how addictive it can be!

Ya, I think I'll be around. And as soon as I get my own little plant I'll be sure to keep a diary.

I'll get back to you on that, but I know for sure it's illegal to import with out a doctor's prescription 'cause it's classified as a medicinal drug. But I'll research this for more accurate info.
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Re: Polar bears. Not so much.

Postby RocketeerJim » Mon Jul 18, 2011 1:36 pm

Dorabella wrote:I know for sure it's illegal to import with out a doctor's prescription 'cause it's classified as a medicinal drug.

Well, that would seem to be that. Still, they haven't outlawed READING about Salvia D. No reason one could not become better informed about the topic, from a strictly academic approach, of course.
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