My first time 'through' Salvia D.

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My first time 'through' Salvia D.

Postby brijor » Wed Feb 15, 2012 11:25 am

I'm comparatively young I'm sure, intellectual nonetheless however.
Psilocybin has little affect on me, I feel. I also find it unpleasant.
LSD has tremendous results, as my first time was around 150 mics - since then I've known how to breakthrough/handle the organizational tool part, and continue to self discovery.
But. Salvia D. I must say, has shocked me. My first couple of experiences, about a year and a half ago, were not taken seriously enough.
But with a more potent product - this hit me so hard I couldn't help but succumb to it. I had the mental anxiety of some sort of escape, followed by thinking 'Wait. Escape wha'. Then BOOM. Hit me like a freight train, and I had broken through.
This is more than I could EVER had expected from this plant.
Bravo to you who have been doing this so long.
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Re: My first time 'through' Salvia D.

Postby SF » Mon Feb 20, 2012 8:05 pm

sounds like what you used was to potent. I am kinda against the extracted salvia leaves but if your going to smoke the plant i would suggest buying from here

I would suggest trying plain leaf or 5x at first never use anything more than 5x till you are fully comfortable with its effects.
good luck
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