Kratom Scammer Alert - BUJI FON - Mathaus Njong

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Kratom Scammer Alert - BUJI FON - Mathaus Njong

Postby SF » Sun Jul 01, 2012 1:27 pm

This is a very smart scammer. He pretends to be someone new everytime I talk to him via different email address's

Hello Sir,
We have received your email on the request for Kratom Leaves.
We wish to inform you that we supply high grade and standardized
kratom procucts and leaves. At Global merchandize Co Ltd, we ensure
that we supply the very best kratom leaves and Kratom extracts at the
very best prices. Our aim is to satisfy our consumers/ buyers with
quality services and products, so that they will always come back for
more. Bellow is a price list of our Kratom products. We also do ship
directly to buyers designated address once order has been made and
agreed upon. Order take a maximum of 3-5workind days to be delivered.

Kratom Crushed Leaves = US $ 50/kg
Kratom Powdered Leaves = US $ 60/kg
10X Standardized Kratom Extract = US $ 600/kg
15X Standardized Kratom Extract = US $800/kg
20X Standardized Kratom Extract = US $ 900/kg
25X Standardized Kratom Extract = US $ 1100kg
30X Standardized Kratom Extract = US $ 1300/kg
50X Standardized Kratom Extract = US $ 2000/kg

You can email your order directly to us and we will prepare an invoice
and send to you, to verify that your order and place of
delivery(shipping address) is OK.

For us to be able to prepare and invoice for you, you will need to
provide us with the following information.
Your address, (That is where you will want deliveries to be made)
Telephone number.
And company name if any.

Please we will like you to state that this product is not for sale to
people under 18 years of age.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more detail.


Buji F Mathaus,
Global Merchandize.

Here is the information i have gathered so far

Hello sir, we will like you to know that we do accept telegraphic
transfer by bank (T/T) or Western Union Money Transfer payments. We
will give to you our various payment information bellow. you can
choose to use what ever one you think will be easy for you.


Account Name:Ndongo A Nwatchok Sandrine

Account Number:02170225446

Bank Swift Code:SGCMCMCX




RECEIVERS NAME................................... BUJI FON

COUNTRY................................................. REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON

CITY......................................................... YAOUNDE

ADDRESS................................................. Yaounde,
Poste Centrale,0564

POSTAL CODE:......................................... 00237

TEST QUESTION ...................................... WHAT FOR?

ANSWER.................................................. KRATOM.

He will even give you a call to let you know he is legit.

Or better still Sir, you could give us a call so that we can let you
know how payments can be done if you still do not understand how to
make out payment to us.

Telephone number: +237-7913-8323 we could inform you via call, but
unfortunately we do not have your number.
We also will like you to know that we will want your order to leave
tomorrow for your address, along with the other orders for the US

Buji F Mathaus
Global Merchandize.

He will send you Kratom pictures that he downloaded from google images, he will even stamp his name and email address on the pictures to make them look legit.

Hello Sir,
Thank you for getting back. We have seen your photo
request, and will like to let you know that your have been noted.
unfortunately it is too late in the day for us to get good and clear
photos to email to you. We promise to send you pictures of our kratom
tomorrow first thing in the Morning. by then will will be able to get
you clear photos.
We will send you pictures of our Kratom Leaves after Processing, and
Pictures of some of our kratom plants ready for shipment.

Please will will like you to note that this Our pictures we will send
you are not supposed to be Used for Business purposes or any other
purpose. All right are reserved.

Thank you and expect to receive pictures from us in the Morning.

The pictures he sent to me are all available online.

His IP Address is

Mathaus Njong,
globalmerchandize dot com

He Uses many other names as well.

Global Health Produce
[Cameroon ]

Street Address: 3435 Route Princess, Douala, Cameroon

City :Douala

Province/State :Littoral

Country/Region :Cameroon

He also sells pills
Our Company Proudly offer many controlled/non controlled medicines like Oxycontins 80mg, Roxycontins 100mg, Phentermines 37.5 mg, Hydrocodones 7.5/750 mg and 10/325 mg (Watsons), Adderalls 30mg, Percocets 10-650mg, Lortabs, Norcos, roxycodones, Valiums 10 mg, Ambiens 10 mg, Alprazolams 1 mg and 2 mg bars, Cialiss 20 mg, Levitras 20 mg, Ritalins 10mg, codeines 30mg, Ephedrines 30 mg, Morphenes pills, Hydrocodones by Watsons 10/500mg....Etc.

Medicine directly relates with the human health so we know the importance of quality in products.

Once if you will explore our services, we claim you will never go anywhere else.

We offer above items in bulk and in drop shipping as well.

We take the responsibility even the feedback from your customers and in case of any complaint we offer free re-shipping.

We are regularly selling: hydrocodones, adderalls, phentermines, oxycontins, alprazolams, roxycontins, ambiens. Pain killers


Company Name: Global Pharmaceuticals Inc
Company Address: cape town, South africa
City/Province: eastern cape cape town
Zip/Postal Code: 4025
Mobile: tel_mobile
Telephone Number: tel_work
Contact Person: Njong Mathaus

Company Info See All >>
Country/Territory : South Africa
Business Type : Distributor/Wholesaler
Year Established : 2006
Capital : US$ 501 Thousands - US$ 1 Million
Total Annual Sales : US$ 1 Million - US$ 2.5 Million
No. of Total Staff : 11-50 People
Main Products or Services : Hydrocodones; Adderalls; Phentermines; Oxycontins; Alprazolams; Roxycontins; Ambiens; Viagra
Main Export Markets : North America; South America; Western Europe; Eastern Asia ; Southeast Asia; Middle East; Africa; Oceania; Worldwide
Company Name: Global Pharmaceuticals Inc
Company Address: cape town, South africa
City/Province: eastern cape cape town
Country/Region: South Africa
Zip/Postal Code: 4025
Mobile: +237 00237 79138323
Telephone Number: +237 00237 79138323
Contact Person: Mathaus Njong

Here is his topix profile
Kratom Scammer Globalmerchandize CO LTD Africa.png
Kratom Scammer Africa [email protected]
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Re: Kratom Scammer Alert - BUJI FON -

Postby SF » Sun Jul 01, 2012 1:32 pm

I found some more information just searching his Phone number on startpage

Global Chemicals Co Ltd
Contact person: Mr. Mathaus Njong
Tel: +237-7913-8323
Street address: CAPE TOWN, South Africa cape town Cape Town South Africa

South African Bank Transfer Fraud - here is a good read.
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Re: Kratom Scammer Alert - BUJI FON -

Postby SF » Sun Jul 01, 2012 1:34 pm

Apparently he is also a doctor on this other post haha

Hello Please let me know if you are still interested in getiing moringa seeds . i can supply you with high yeilding moringa cultivation seeds. (hybrid) with a 94% success in growth. i also have moringa fresh leaves and powder that i suply.
Please contact me if you are still need of this seeds using my address bellow:

Dr Mathaus Njong,
University of Yaounde I,
Tel: +237 7913 8323.
email: [email protected]

He sure has a lot of email address's for someone who is supposed to be legit.
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