Salvia & Seeding

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Salvia & Seeding

Postby FrostyC » Sat May 19, 2012 11:37 pm

I have read that Salvia divinorum at some point in its past history sustained genetic damage, which rendered it virtually infertile. But on rare occasions a few plants have been known to seed once or twice. I, knowing absolutely nothing about salvia (never smoked it & don't plan to), am wondering if this still holds true. I know the most popular method of proliferation is cuttings, but has anyone gotten any seed from their plants & were any viable?

If this is still true I have 2 theories.
  • Theory 1.) Perhaps S. divinorum needs a special setting to seed. Maybe the places it has been propagated to merely lack a specific (rare) nutrient or chemical that the plant needs to alter it's hormones for seeding?
  • Theory 2.) Perhaps S. divinorum clones just do not seed? Perhaps all seed came from original, natural sources, grown in soil from their natural habitat?

I was reading that some guy got his to seed with hand-pollination, but the seeds were not viable.
Now I was wondering if anyone has tried cross pollination with another type of salvia that has a profuse seeding habit such as S. hispanica? If that works (and at least 1 seed is viable), then we could just take those plants, cross them back with S. divinorum over & over until seeds become completely non-viable again, then take the batch produced directly before the seed had become non-viable and mass-proliferate those. This would produce a S. divinorum with viable seed, with normal S. divinorum potency. But the more & more it is crossed with S. divinorum, the lower their germination rate would be.

Else, we could cross S. divinorum into S. hispanica, in a last-ditch attempt to introduce salvinorin A into S. hispanica genetic structure... If it works (odds are against it), this would make a weak, but sustainable hybrid that would contain small amounts of salvinorin A, and after many years of picking specific plants (the ones with the highest amounts of salvinorin A) to pollinate with, we could up the salvinorin A content to comparable standards.

I have recently learned about this plant's unique situation & genuinely want to help the species survive. As soon as I can get some cash freed up, I'm gonna try to get one or two cuttings to work with, because at the very least I can have another living specimen of this uniquely damaged creature. Once established, I will of course spread this plant as much as possible since there is no threat of invasiveness & maybe try to re-introduce a cutting or two into some wild areas.
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Re: Salvia & Seeding

Postby slinky » Wed May 23, 2012 11:03 am

If you want to try pollinating with other plants, then try the Paradox strain. Most instances of seed setting (that i've heard of) happened with paradox strain, and nights that were totally dark.
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