SF Update 4-3-11 Kratam Salvia Divinorum New Strains

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SF Update 4-3-11 Kratam Salvia Divinorum New Strains

Postby SF » Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:17 pm

Sorry for the delay guys.
I know i haven't been on here much lately and i just wanted everyone to know that i am now working two jobs.
I do not have much free time anymore.

However i do have some good news.
I have 4 really healthy SD mother plants growing and soon they will be ready for cuttings in a few months.
No luck so far on the Lagochilus inebrian seeds. I believe its because i used a new organic soil that may have fried them because of its nutrient percentage is not good for seedlings. I am retrying them tomorrow using peat pellets.

My kratom plants are starting to show signs of growth.
I have a small little greenhouse now that i will be using for all of my plants this summer.
We are still getting into the 40s at night so its still to cold to leave my plants outside.
I do not have a proper indoor grow light so i am left with few options to keep them thriving.

Once i get some money invested i am thinking about getting a 150w light to keep them happy in the winter and maybe it will help stimulate the growth of my newest cuttings (not yet taken)

---------Kratom Update-------
My rifats are starting to grow
I have 2 new strains
I now have red vein thailand strain. The veins are so red i have never seen any kratoms this red before even more so than the rifat.
I also have a Green vein Malaysian Kratom.
This summer should be better than the last as kratom and salvia is concerned. I am hoping to grow my new kratoms strains larger so that i may produce cuttings.

------Video Updates---------

In case you didn't know i have a HD cam now. I will be doing videos in HD and uploading them to youtube once i get started this summer. Right now i am trying to make some money so that i can get some things payed off and hopefully make some improvements to this site.

----------------Paypal update---------

I have a new bank account that i will be linking to a business Paypal account so that i may accept donations for seeds or something similar just small things to help with server fee's and what not.

I would now like to take the time to thank everyone for sticking around even though i haven't been around much lately.
I will be a lot more active online as soon as i get things going this summer. I will provide nice videos for the SDB users and youtube users. I will try to give as much information as to growing the plants that i now have and answer any questions that anyone may have.

Thanks Guys
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