Legal USA herb vendor raided by DEA!

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Legal USA herb vendor raided by DEA!

Postby slinky » Sat Sep 15, 2012 8:06 pm

Hi guys, it's been awhile. I've got bad news. This is important to anyone who sells anything, even legal ethnos. I don't know if any of you guys have ever ordered from SonoranSong, they vend/vended mimosa rootbark. I just became aware of this literally minutes ago, when i checked my email, so if i'm not quite so coherent, i'ts because im a little shaken at the moment. Their site is down due to 'technical difficulties', but the email i got says different. I'm guessing that it happened a few days ago, and i got it this morning. I'll post it here.
Excuse the generic-ness of my reply, but we have a lot of people to contact and some very similar info to tell them. First of all...thanks for being one of the awesome people who have ever contacted us or bought from us. We have some distressing news that we need to share.
The Situation:

Unfortunately we were raided by the DEA last week. For a number of weeks, we had seen an increasing quantity of mimosa held up in US Customs for an unusually long time. It seems that they tested the mimosa and found that it contained a controlled substance. Instead of letting us know this information via a warning (such as a notice of seizure), they decided to storm our house and offices. We were surrounded by local police, ICE (customs) agents, & DEA goons with submachine guns. We were cuffed while they tore through our house and office. They seized all of our mimosa, along with many other legal botanicals, computer equipment, and documents. They spent several hours messing up the house and office, invading our privacy and accusing us of all sorts of criminal activities. When they were done, they simply let us go and told us to contact them if we had any further questions. It seems that their primary objectives were to put us out of business, and to scare other vendors into ending MHRB sales. Throughout August, US Customs have also been holding packages for many other major vendors, and most (if not all) have now been forced to cease selling MHRB from the USA.

Your privacy:

While the DEA did seize our computer equipment, they did not seize any passwords nor demand access to any of our order-management systems or records, such as our merchant account, order processing tools, or shipping software. All of the software packages that we use are online-only, and are password-protected. No data is stored locally. According to access logs, no access attempts have been made to these systems by anyone except ourselves. We even had lots of shipping labels and receipts sitting out, but these were not taken.

Your order:
If you placed an order with us that has not been shipped/delivered, we will be refunding your money within the next 24-48 hours.
Please do not file a chargeback! If you have already done so, please cancel it - it really hurts our reputation with our merchant account. We want to be around after this is all over to keep making our customers happy.
Some refunds have already been sent, especially to people who purchased on Tuesday / Wednesday.
Refunds will be processed over the next 24-48 hours and will appear in your account in 1-3 business days.
Please donate some money to our cause! If you'd like to decline a refund (or request a partial refund), that would be an incredible blessing. We have lost a crippling quantity of inventory and equipment. Please email us back asap before we get to your refund :-)

Thank-you for all your support. Our apologies for not being able to get back to you all, but we have had many other things to do. We are now actively monitoring the emails and should be able to respond without too much of a delay. Again, if you'd like to donate part or all of your order to us, please email us back as soon as you can. THANK-YOU!

many many many blessings

Robert & the team

I'd be a little wary from here on out, just to be safe. The DEA is getting ballsier.
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