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Postby SF » Thu Nov 10, 2011 4:02 pm

I would recommend using a 10 gallon fish tank or something similar for the humidity dome. put the whole plant inside the dome.
If you cant get a dome big enough them use a clear plastic bag.

For light you can use CFL bulbs they are cheap and use minimal power. Get a few 28 watt white light cfl's with a light spectrum of about 6800k. Buy a few of those small work light reflectors with the cord and a clamp. Make sure you do not get the light to close to the plant but close enough so that it will get enough light.

Once your salvia starts to grow again it shouldn't take long before you will be able to adapt her to lower humidity. When you adapt them or change where you have them growing you want to make sure they are healthy and have lots of leaves to pick up the sun light. Once they get a nice size they can take lower humidity a lot better and even start to grow faster.

good luck with your Salvia
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