My Sally D's Death March

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My Sally D's Death March

Postby seeker1964 » Wed Apr 25, 2012 12:48 am

Received my Sally D. plant on 4/17/12 from this Forum's own Bob Smith. *(I can't say enough good things about Bob. He patiently and promptly answered all my noob questions and was quick to deliver my order. I highly recommend Bob for all your SD plant needs.).

Upon receipt the plant was located to the side of an east facing window to receive indirect sunlight and placed in a humidity tent.

The plant remained in the tent for two days (except for some breathing time) at nearly 80% RH with temps stable around 70. There was some browning and curling of the oldest leaves. No pests detected.

On the third day 4/19/12 I lowered the the plant's RH to 53-65% to be more in accord with the conditions Bob Smith provided her before her arrival. Temps remained around 70. Necrosis of the leaves located at the bottom of the plant began. Leaves started to become brown/black and limp. Hung on the plant like a limp dishrag.

When necrosis continued upward I got a little nervous and decided to transplant (4/21/12). Chose a six inch pot (3 inches bigger than the cup it arrived in) with a soil mixture of 50% Miracle-go potting mix and 50% Miracle-gro fast draining cactus soil with rocks at pot's bottom for drainage.

After transplant I removed humidity tent (room was rather stable at around 53% RH).

The leaves continued their march to death and I am currently left with a planted stick (4/25/12). Now I am waiting to see if my plant will rise from the ashes or some rot will set in. I can't believe how fast this plant left me.

Sally unpacked.jpg
4/17/12 Out of the box

Sally At Home.jpg
4/17/12 At new home

4/22/12 Day after transplant

4/22/12 Day after transplant 2
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Re: My Sally D's Death March

Postby seeker1964 » Thu May 03, 2012 1:51 am


As the die-off continued, the top two nodes became extremely flaccid. A couple of days in the humidity dome greatly helped this condition. Although the two top nodes gained in rigidity, the central stem died back to the first node. Because the humidity dome has not permitted the dead node to dry out thoroughly, some white mold has appeared in this area. It has been treated with a few swipes of H2O2. I have also removed the hard plastic humidity dome and replaced it with a softer plastic that will permit me to add holes for aeration. A couple of days ago some new growth was observed. Yesterday, to give the new growth a little boost I gave my stem a 3 1/2 hour bath in artificial light (60 watt 65000k CFL). She will be getting a dose of this light every day for awhile.

Here is a pic of the new growth. The white mold-like appearance on the bottom node is a photographic anomaly.
Salvia regenurating.jpg
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