Trade me some kratom for plants/seeds!

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Trade me some kratom for plants/seeds!

Postby Nezahualcoyotl » Sun Apr 01, 2012 7:54 pm

Please visit the Ethnobotany Shop @ to see all of our intruging organic collection of amazing ethnobotanicals from around the world!
These plants are for ornamental purposes only and are in no way intended for human consumption. You must be 21 or older to order.
I also have other plants, seeds and items for sale or trade. Check my website as well as the list below or just email me at [email protected] if your interested! Ask questions and we'll can work out a deal. I'm always willings to reduce the price on certain things with large orders and give customers special discounts!

***Organic Plants, Cacti, Fungi and other Items related to Ethnobotany or Shamanism from the Ethnobotany Shop***

~~~ Seeds ~~~

Acmella oleracea ~ "Toothache Plant" - $3 for 10 flower-buds/seed-heads
Amaranthus species ~ "Amaranth" (red variety) - $2 per seed packet
Capsicum species ~ "Bhut Jolokia": The World's Hottest Pepper - $7 per seed packet
Capsicum species ~ "Red Bell Pepper" (Bulk) - $5 for a "load" of seed!
Coryphantha compacta - $5 per seed packet
Datura inoxia (fresh organic seed) - $5 per seed packet
Datura stramonium (fresh organic seed) - $5 per seed packet
Ilex vomitora ~ "Yaupon Holly" - $6 per seed packet
Ipomoea speceis ~ "Morning Glory" - $3 per seed packet
Luffa cylindrica ~ "Luffa" - $6 per seed packet
Marrubium vulgare ~ "Horehound" - $4 per seed packet
Melissa officinalis ~ "Lemon Balm" - $3 per seed packet
Passiflora incarnata ~ "Passion Flower" - $5 per seed packet
Persea americana ~ "Avocado" - $10 for a "load" of seed!
Phytolacca americana ~ "Pokeweed/Inkberry" - $3 per seed packet
Prunus japonica ~ "Korean cherry" or "Oriental Bush cherry" - $3 per seed packet
Prunus species ~ "Cherry" (store bought commerical variety) - $2 per seed packet
Psychotria viridis ~ "Chacruna" (Organic red berries plucked from the plant right before your package is shipped, as fresh as possible! We can ship the seeds either in the fruit or cleaned, just let us know!) - Seed packet for $10
Silybum marianum ~ "Milk Thistle" - $3 per seed packet
Solanum melongena ~ "Eggplant" - $3 per seed packet
Taraxacum species ~ "Dandelion" - $3 per seed packet
Trichocereus "True Blue" peruvianus ~ "Peruvian Blue Torch" - $6 per seed packet

*Note: Seed packets contain 10-50 seeds but we always give you enough to get started! Sometimes we throw in even more if we have extra!

~~~ Plants ~~~

Acmella oleracea ~ "Toothache Plant" - $10 per plant
Albizia julibrissin ~ "Happiness Tree" or "Silk Tree" - $7 per plant
Aloe vera ~ “Aloe” - $7 per plant
Anadenanthera peregrina (potent shamanic strain) - $45 per plant
Annona cherimola ~ "Cherimoya" - $15 per plant
Artemisia absinthium ~ "Wormwood" ~ - $11 per plant
Banisteriopsis caapi ~ “Ayahuasca” ~ $33
Datura inoxia - $10 per plant
Datura stramonium - $10 per plant
Ficus species ~ "Fig tree" ~ $9
Ipomoea tricolor/violacea ~ "Morning Glory " ~ $8 per plant
Japanese Maple ~ $35
Marrubium vulgare ~ "Horehound" - $7 per plant
Melissa officinalis ~ "Lemon Balm" - $3 per plant
Mentha piperita; M. balsamea ~ "Peppermint" - $3 per plant
Passiflora incarnata ~ "Passion-Flower" - $11 per plant
Phytolacca americana ~ "Pokeweed/Inkberry" - $3 per plant
Prunus japonica ~ "Korean Cherry" - $5 per plant
Psychotria viridis - $20 per plant packet (includes 3+ medium sized plants)
Rosmarinus officinalis ~ "Rosemary" - $7 per plant
Rubus idaeus ~ "Raspberry" - $4 per plant
Salvia divinorum "Diviner's Sage" - $35 per plant ("Luna" & "Paradox" clones/strains)
Salvia miltiorrhiza ~ "Dan Shen" - $8 per plant
Sassafras albidum ~ $10 per plant
Stevia rebaudiana ~ "Sweetleaf" - $7 per plant
Taraxacum species ~ "Dandelion" (Red Italian edible) - $3 per plant
Turbina (syn. Rivea) corymbosa ~ "Ololiúqui" - $22 per plant
Urtica dioica ~ "Stinging Nettle" - $5 per plant

~~~ Cacti ~~~

Gymnocalycium cactus - $15 per plant
Opuntia drummondii; Opuntia spp. - $7 per plant
Trichcoereus bridgesii var. monstrose (Large, Clone B clumping/) - $50 per plant
Trichocereus "True Blue" peruvianus ~ "Peruvian Blue Torch" - $35 per plant
Trichocereus pachanoi clone:"Torres and Torres" - $30 per plant
Trichocereus terscheckii - $35 per plant
Trichocereus pachanoi var. "Rare clone" (many various ones, inquire)
Many other rare Trichocereus, just ask!
Other cacti available, just ask!

~~~ Dried Botanicals ~~~

Mentha species ~ "Spearmint" (5 pounds: bulk) - $20 for 5 pounds, shipping included.
Piper methysticum {var. methysticum} ~ "Kava-Kava" (ground root) - 1oz for $10
Piper methysticum {var. methysticum} ~ "Kava-Kava" (whole root) - 1oz for $15

~~~ Special Offers on "Diviner's Sage" ~~~

>Salvia divinorum "Paradox" strain/clone live plant w/ shipping included -

1 plant = $30
2 plants = $55
3 plants = $80
4 plants = $105
5 plants = $120

>Salvia divinorum "Luna" strain/clone live plant w/ shipping included -

1 plant = $40
2 plants = $75
3 plants = $100
4 plants = $130
5 plants = $150

>Salvia divinorum "Luna" & "Paradox strain/clone live plant w/ shipping included -

"Paradox" & "Luna"; one of each: 2 plants - $70
"Paradox" & "Luna"; two of each: 4 plants - $120

To place an order email me then mail a letter to the address given with which you MUST include your email address, shipping address, payment and a list of the items which you wish to receive.
In order to receive your plant you MUST email me at [email protected]! I prefer cash payment in U.S. dollars, but money orders are acceptable. If you wish to pay with a money order then leave the name portion of the money order blank. The minimum order is $30, with some exceptions made. No order will be shipped until cash payment is in hand.
International shipping also includes a $20-50 shipping/customs fee. Within the U.S.A. shipping is normally around $10 for small to medium sized packages. Orders are normally shipped within 10 days of when payment is received, but some orders may take up to a month to be shipped depending on the condition of the plants and the weather. Since most plants are prepared specifically for each customer it takes time because extra care is put into each plant and each order, one must recognize that plants are living beings with wills of their own whom sometimes don't cooperate in the way us human want! I will only ship plants when I feel that they will arrive healthy and happy!
All seeds are guarenteed to be fresh, viable and organic. We strive to replenish our seed stocks from our very own plants often and remove old seed from our shop, we sell only the highest quaility seeds and plants! All plant orders within the U.S.A. are guaranteed to arrive healthy and alive, however they require immediate care upon opening your package! Plants need to be potted, cuttings need to be placed in water, seeds need be germinated, etc., once the package is opened the responsibility of keeping your specimens alive is yours alone! However we shall replace plants which arrive dead on arrival.
All ethnobotanicals we sell are NOT intended for human consumption. These rare botanicals are sold for their ornamental and atheistic beauty as well as their culture and historical significance. They're only intended purpose is cultivation, propagation, preservation and admiration of these botanical beauties! Check your local laws before ordering, the legality of some plants varies from country to country and even state to state, knowing the laws and regulations of where you reside is YOUR responsibility so make sure you know exactly what your national, state and local laws are BEFORE you order! The responsiblitiy is on you! By ordering you are agreeing that all items you are ordering are legal in your area, not listed as invasive or otherwise restricted!
If you have any questions you can always email us at [email protected], please include your first name, your state/country and the botanical names of the plants your are inquiring about, if inquiring about an order, include as much information as possible (previous emails, items ordered, etc.). Thank you, we hope you enjoy the plants, seeds, herbs, cacti and fungi as much as we do!
These plants are for ornamental purposes only and are in no way intended for human consumption. You must be 21 or older to place an order. Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.
Special Salvia divinorum deals- $35 flat rate for U.S. residents for Salvia divinorum "Paradox" live plant and $40 for Salvia divinorum "Luna" or $70 for one of each! $55 for two "Paradox" or $120 for five! Two "Luna" for $75!
See my website for more rare ethnobotanicals from around the world! -
Email me with questions, orders, inquiries, etc. - [email protected]!

Please help fund our 2012 ethnobotanical expedition to Peru/Bolivia, South America by purchasing plants, seeds and other items. The focus of the expedition is to record plant knowledge, connect with native peoples, collect seeds and herbaria specimens, etc.; Pictures, indigenous arts/crafts, collection notes and seeds from the expedition will all be available in the future, you may purchase lots of seeds or other items in advance of the trip at a reduced rate, inquire for information. We also will accept donations for funding parts of the expedition geared toward finding and collecting a specific plant, ask for details. At this point in time I will accept both U.S. dollars and Peruvian nuevo soles as payment. All cash proceeds will be used to fund the expedition.
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