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How To Make Money Advertising Ethnobotanicals

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So your interested in making money advertising on your website. I am writing this article to help people that have interest in ethnobotanicals medicinal and shamanic plants.

If you have a website or blog started already, then your on your way to making some extra cash. If you do not have a site or a blog. It is very easy to set up a free blog. There are many free blog sites that you can find just by searching google.

Once you get your site started. First off you want to add some good content on the subjects that your site is based on. Once you have some nice information on your page that people would be interested in reading. Then you should start posting links to your affilitate program that you will register to. I would suggest shamanic-extracts. Shamanic Extract is more user friendly then most sites I have found.

shamanic-extracts Also has very nice programs that you can run on your windows computers. It will let you know when you made a sell.

The best part about it is the more sales you make from your site, the more profit procentage you will gain.

So if your interested in making money. Its not hard to get started and this is money in the bank. Act Now Start Advertising and make money while you sleep at night.

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9-10″ Shiitake Mushroom Log

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All-natural hardwood logs injected with shiitake spawn produce mushrooms every two months for years. Grow indoors with plants or outside in shade. To produce mushrooms, soak it in non-chlorinated ice water for 24 hours. Harvest in 6-10 days. Logs require regular soaking in nonchlorinated room-temperature water every two weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: Logs are ALIVE and can’t remain in the pacakging without air, light and oxygen for more than two weeks.


Hallucinogetic Plants Good Or Bad ?

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They say that hallucinogens are known for causing spiritual experiences and help one to become more aware of who they are. But hallucinogens are illegal, you may think to yourself I know why there illegal its because there bad for you that’s it. No sorry to tell you that is not the reason. If that were the case then alcohol and cigarettes would of been illegal a long time ago.

Now lets think what else do these plants produce besides spiritual experiences, some say that you are able to visualize or picture graphs and blueprints. May also help one be able to design house’s and building structures with more ease to visualize.

They are known to help one dream or in other words help one to see the bigger picture of your life and where you want it to end up. I over heard someone say once that they will help you straighten your life out and get back on track.

Maybe the reason this experience (because that”s what is it) is illegal because it make the people that are asleep at the wheel of there life, take hold and also might find themselves questioning laws, Government, ideas, religion, and freedom.

Just some thought on the matter.
Any Comments Are Welcome.

The Wheel Of Time: The Shamans Of Mexico Their Thoughts About Life Death And The Universe (Paperback)

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The Wheel Of Time: The Shamans Of Mexico Their Thoughts About Life Death And The Universe

ReviewThe New York Times Book Review We are incredibly fortunate to have Carlos Castaneda’s books. Taken together they form a work among the best that the science of anthropology has produced. — Review

Deepak ChopraCarlos Castaneda is one of the most profound and influential thinkers of this century. His insights are paving the direction for the future evolution of human consciousness. We should all be deeply indebted to him.The New York Times Book ReviewWe are incredibly fortunate to have Carlos Castaneda’s books. Taken together they form a work among the best that the science of anthropology has produced.

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Kava Kava A Very Nice Plant Indeed

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Kava is A Greek word meaning intoxicating.
Kava has tranquilizing property’s and Is primarily consumed to relax without have any disrupting mental clarity. Kava’s active ingredients are potent kavalactones. In other parts of the World, The Kava extract is used and sold as herbal medicine against stress, insomnia, and anxiety.


A good dose of potent kava will causes effects within 20–30 minutes that last for about two hours or more, but can still be felt for up to eight hours.
Kava does produce a numbing effect if left in the mouth, and makes one mildly talkative and sociable with clear thinking, calmness and relaxation

I have tried kava many times And I would say to anyone interested it is a really nice plants with very good properties. If you or someone you know cant sleep at night, this would be the perfect cure.

I have also noticed the dreaming effect of kava. Every time i used Kava i would wake up and remember my dreams very well. I could also sometimes notice that I am still dreaming and could turn it into my own little play world. You could do anything you feel like it.

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Wild Lettuce Lactuca Canadensis Legal Opium ?

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Lactuca Canadensis has been called Lettuce Opium for thousands of years. It Has juice that is collected and then dried For later use. This plant has some great qualities and properties. This plant helps for pain and insomnia. Anyone that has problems sleeping at night would really benefit from this plant.

There are several ways to use this plant. My favorite being the great tincture. Everyone loves a potent tincture, no matter what herbs your using.  With a tincture you can make it the potency you desire. The method is simple soak in alcohol 90% 190 Proof such as ever clear (Best Choice). You want to leave it soaking for two weeks. Every day you need to shake the bottle that you have your herbs in, to distribute the plant mater.

Then after two weeks you should have a nice extract that you will be able to filter through a coffee filter. Discard the plant material and keep the liquid. After all this is done you want to evaporate the liquid to about half the amount it is now.

The results are A very nice potent tincture that really does the job.

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