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A List Of Shaman Related Movies

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Renegade is by far the best shaman  Ayahuasca movie. This is a must have for anyone into shamanism. A classic western type movies with indians and there hallucinogenic drink Ayahuasca. It has a very good story line, about a boy that needs to be healed. The shaman takes him under his wing and heals and feeds him. Later he learns the ways of the shaman.  The shaman aka questembetsa is a real healer and uses Ayahuasca with other plants to induce visions and heal people. This movie is highly recommended.

In This Movie Medicine Man Sean Connery discovers a cure for cancer in the Brazilian rain forest, but then can’t retrace his steps in creating the potion. Added pressure on his work is coming from developers burning down the forest. A Must Have

Salvia Divinorum: Shamanic Plant Medicine Book Review

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Salvia Divinorum: Shamanic Plant Medicine (Hallucinogens, Drugs, Psychedelics, Shamanism)

This is a shocking true story of how Salvia Divinorum came from a secret village in the deep jungle of Mexico. It has been used my Mazatek Shamans for thousands of years, so the history goes very far.


Bill Hicks Was An Interesting Person – Best Comedians Ever

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Why Bill Hicks Was So Interesting And So Funny

I thought i would write up a little bit about Bill Hicks. The reason is simple. He was by far one of the best comedians of his time. His father was a preacher and always wanted bill to be a preacher as well. Bill tells his dad he is a preacher he preaches the truth to anyone with an ear that will listen. Bill has a saying that he is planting seeds, with hope that they one day that will take hold and sprout.

Bill Hicks was one of the only guys that stood up for his right and tried to get others to follow him. We are Americans we are free.
Freedom of religion freedom to do what we may to our bodies. Freedom to make or take or shake what ever we feel that we should try or do. We should have the freedom to try it and judge for ourselves.

We do not need our government telling us what is right and wrong. We have our of brains and we can do our own thinking. If we don’t like we don’t do. Isn’t that really the simplest way?

Bill Hicks Take On Addiction

Comedian Bill Hicks - Funny Guy

Bill Hicks – Best Comedian

I really like what he has to say about addiction. What is addiction,
It is something we really like doing, Most likely, it is something that is very enjoyable. For an example if you like to do yoga everyday because it makes your body feel good and helps you to sleep at night.
Well if you do this everyday is that not an addiction ? something you love doing, something that makes you feel good and helps you ?

There are a lot of things in life that help you feel good and have fun. This does not mean that they are physical addicting. It just mean that it is something in which we like to do nothing more nothing less.

Now what would you classify as addiction. Lets think about this. This time lets talk about alcohol. Everyone likes to take a drink every now and again. Now does that make you a alcoholic ? NO. If you drink every day does that make you a alcoholic ? NO. Now if you are drinking for many years and you get the shakes and cant go with out a drink. I would say that you may have found addiction.

Bill Hicks always had the ability to take things that happen to him in life. Then question these things from every angle. Then present them in a funny way showing how dumb the situation really is and some times showing how simple it could of been.

I want to thank you for reading my post. Leave any comment you feel the need to. Also please click some Google ads as that is the way i pay for this site.

Now for the video that is very funny.
This is a video of Bill Hicks and a drunk woman giving him a hard time.


You can read more about Bill here: