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Salvia Divinorum Tincture’s

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Has anyone had any good experiences with the tintures ? I hear good things about them but they say to dilute the tinture before use. would that make a difference with the potency of the liquid ?

How about making your own extracts what is the best way to make your own tinctures. If anyone has any info feel free to post the text in a comment.

I will see what info I can find and post it soon.

Salvia divinorum, Kratom, San Pedro Cactus and more

How To Make Money Advertising Ethnobotanicals

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9-10″ Shiitake Mushroom Log

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All-natural hardwood logs injected with shiitake spawn produce mushrooms every two months for years. Grow indoors with plants or outside in shade. To produce mushrooms, soak it in non-chlorinated ice water for 24 hours. Harvest in 6-10 days. Logs require regular soaking in nonchlorinated room-temperature water every two weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: Logs are ALIVE and can’t remain in the pacakging without air, light and oxygen for more than two weeks.


Potential Medicinal Value Salvia Divinorum

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There has been some research for the medicinal value of Salvia Divinorum.

Salvia D. Is said to be good for Depression, Drug Addictions, Stress, Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia and STD’s. We need more scientist to do a lot more research on this wonderful medicinal plants. Salvia Divinorum has been used for thousands of year and maybe even longer. It has been used for healing and curing for the entire time.

The mazatec indians of Mexico knew about these medicinal properties for ages. We are now just starting to do some testing and research but much more is needed. If the government would stop banning it for research. We may be able to get a rare chance to discover all the quality of this plant.

Help keep this plant alive and plentiful We do not want to loose this one.

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Salvia Divinorum Cuttings

Salvia Divinorum Experience Quid Method Report

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I am posting this information for people interested in the effects Salvia Divinorum using the quid method.

With my curiousity running wild I happend to come across 15 pairs of Freshly picked Salvia Divinorum leaves. Most of the leaves where about medium to large in size, with a few smaller leaves as well. I ran a bit of water over them to make sure they were clean.

I then counted out about 15 leaves. I rolled the leaves till they resembled a tube. I took the roll of leaves and started to bite small amounts off and chew it up. After i had both cheeks full of leaves I decided to keep chewing ever so often while holding in the green juices.

After around 10-15 minutes I started to nnotice the effects of the leaves. It came on slow with a very nice warm feeling that over took my body. At about the 20 minute mark I shood up and walked around a bit. I noticed by walking around I felt and looked as if i were in a drunken state. I had trouble keeping my balance.

My thoughts started to race. I was thinking up a storm of ideas about things I thought about earlier in the day. I began to wonder what another quid would added to the effect.

I then began to roll up the other 15 leaves. I started chewing off small bites again. Once my mouth was full i couldn’t manage to fit another bite. I was then affraid i couldn’t hold it all in. I started chewing the leaves while my mouth felt as if it was full of the green juices from the leaves.

Around 15 minutes I started to feel like I wanted to relax and lay in bed. I tried to set up for as long as I could. After around 5-10 more minutes i decided I was where i wanted to be. I  then spit the rest of the quid outside. The spit was very green and a bit slimmy. I would try to avoid getting it on your clothes because I would imagin it would stain.

I felt as if I were in a dream or atleast a very dreamy state of mind. I felt that I could think about anything with great ease and imagin the outcome of a situation in my head before I really examined the possibility’s.

I knew that if I would of done one more quid or held the last one a while longer I might have went for full blown Spiritual Journey. I thought to myself there is always next time. This time was just a test to see how extreme the experience would get. I didnt want to use to much on the first time.

Thanks for reading

Any Comments Are Welcome.


Salvia Divinorum And Deep Meditation

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Salvia Divinorum can be useful for deep meditation. If your interested in releaving stress due to a bad job or anything in life that leaves one with a lot of stress. This is a very good practice.

I would recommend starting at a low dose and working your way up. The preferred method by most people that want to get the most out of the experience would be to chew the fresh or hydrated leaves.

If you are using dried leaves you would want to place them in some warm water for about 30-50 minutes. Leave them submerged in the water till the leaves hold a good bit of water.

After you leaves are hydrated you could shake most of the water off and add honey to make the taste a bit better.

For some people they need to add honey others don’t mind the taste. Depending on what strain of Salvia Divinorum your using the bitter taste might vary from batch to batch or strain to strain.

I would recommend leaving the leaves in your mouth while chewing them every so often for around 15-30 minutes. Depending on how intense you want the effects to be.

If a powerful effect is needed then keep taking the old leaves out and adding new ones. Hold the juices then spit them all out when the desired effects are archived

Let me know what you think
Thanks for reading

Do Hallucinogetic Plants Wake People Up ?

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Terence Mckenna Seems to think so. Check out this video for more info.