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Potency Of Morning Glories and Related Plants

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………………. LAA% Total Alks. % by weight
Heavenly Blue: 0.01 0.02
Pearly Gates: 0.02 0.03
Wedding Bells: 0.01 0.03

Bouncing Bear Botanicals Review

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is a great company, having a wide range of medicinal plants, extracts, and tinctures. They have always treated there company professionally but at the same time there friendly and helpful.

  • I have ordered from them many times in the past and I was always pleased with my order and the packaging. Last time I placed a order they sent me more then I payed for, and send a sample of K2 Smoke Blend Free Thanks BBB.
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    Salvia Divinorum Live Plants

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    Buy Salvia | Buy Salvia Divinorum

    I know how hard it is to find live plants online. Salvia Divinorum is Especially hard to find. Ebay has banned all sales of Salvia Divinorum Plants and incense. So where can we find Salvia Divinorum live plants ? well that is a good question and I want to let my readers know that BBB has some of the best customer service and they care about spreading the plants all around. We need to help this plant live on and not die out.

    Salvia Divinorum Plants are very rarely grown and hard to come by.
    Purchase yours now while you still have the chance. It is not known how long this offer will last. Salvia Divinorum Plants Sell out quick. It is best to take action now and get one while they are still available.

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    Hallucinogetic Plants Good Or Bad ?

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    They say that hallucinogens are known for causing spiritual experiences and help one to become more aware of who they are. But hallucinogens are illegal, you may think to yourself I know why there illegal its because there bad for you that’s it. No sorry to tell you that is not the reason. If that were the case then alcohol and cigarettes would of been illegal a long time ago.

    Now lets think what else do these plants produce besides spiritual experiences, some say that you are able to visualize or picture graphs and blueprints. May also help one be able to design house’s and building structures with more ease to visualize.

    They are known to help one dream or in other words help one to see the bigger picture of your life and where you want it to end up. I over heard someone say once that they will help you straighten your life out and get back on track.

    Maybe the reason this experience (because that”s what is it) is illegal because it make the people that are asleep at the wheel of there life, take hold and also might find themselves questioning laws, Government, ideas, religion, and freedom.

    Just some thought on the matter.
    Any Comments Are Welcome.

    Terence Mckenna – Culture Is A Operating System Is It Time To Upgrade ?

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    Thank you Terence Mckenna For Everything you worked out, discovered, and handed to us already packaged and with a red ribbon. Terence is a good person, especially if you need someone to wake you up from wonder land.

    A Guys Surf’s Down The Amazon River

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    This is a really great video. I bet that is really fun

    Amazon Is Drying Up

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    This is really sad.

    First Time Salvia Divinorum Experience

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    One Day I was reading online and was reminded all over the place about everyone doing Salvia Divinorum. I have to confess I was amazed by all the information that people were posting about how the experience is very spiritual.

    I finally decided to buy some plain leaf online. Your probably thinking plain leaf this isnt gonna be a very dramatic experience but I will assure you it was. I think there was a reason that saliva effected me in a very dramatic way.

    After I placed the order I waited a few days before the small package arrived to my mail box. I couldn’t hardly sleep I wanted to try it so bad. It was really early for me and i didn’t sleep much. I took it into my room opened the ziplock bag examined the texture of the leaves. These leaves were nice and crisp with freshness home grown in OH under HPS lights.

    I want to note that I was still very sleepy maybe not even fully awake yet. I went outside to smoke out of a pipe. The first hit i hook off of the pipe didnt seem harsh at all. I held it in for about 25 seconds, then exhaled. I did this about 4 more times, then i started to feel a loss of motor skills. I couldn’t hardly walk.

    I made it back to my bed room almost falling down. I hit the bed I remember having very intense thoughts very creative things. As I am on my back on my bed, I start to feel very sleepy and losing track of my thoughts.

    I fell asleep on Salvia Divinorum. The next thing I know I was in a world of lots of colors. As I was examining everything, I started to notice how it was weird that I was dreaming but was fully conscious of the dream.

    I hear a female voice say Hello, I respond who are you, where did you come from, why are you hear, where am I. Soon after I was flooding the entity with questions. She started talking to me answering my questions so perfectly it seems like it all made since to me.

    As she was speaking to me. I was trying to concentrate on her voice but i couldn’t stop noticing the appearance of this entity’s shape. Her shape was not human like, nor was it animal like. The best was i could explain her would be as a shape. She was a weird Circle shape And the color green.

    This really started making me think to much and i lost awareness. I couldn’t concentrate. I remember her welcoming me to her world. Then there was something about visiting more often.

    Soon after i awake. I recall myself saying that was the weirdest dream I ever had, then i remembered that it was the Salvia Divinorum that caused the experience.

    This started me on my research with Salvia Divinorum.
    Has anyone else ever fell asleep on Salvia Divinorum ?
    Please comment I would love to hear from my readers.

    Nepenthes attenboroughii Newley Discovered Meat Eating Plant

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    SalviaFan Here, Yes this is in fact a meat eating plant. Many must wonder what kind of meat and how much can this plant take in at one time. Further more it would also be nice to document an experiment on Feeding the plants a huge amount of rats and discover the extent of this plants new and fast growth habits.

    On Another thought, I wonder how big these plants can become being well feed. How large will the feeders become ? Would they ever be a threat to humans or small animals ?

    This plant is indeed worth the time and effort to study its genetics and growth stages.

    N. attenboroughii that is supporting a nice amount of mosquito larvae

    I Have More Cacti Seeds To Trade/Sell

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    trichocereus cuzcoensis and T. Werdermannranus kk917.

    I am willing to trade for other seeds. If you do not have anything to trade I will be will to sell them as well. Just send me an email at [email protected] And/Or post a comment on here.

    I am looking for the following plants and cuttings.

    Salvia Divinorum


    B. Caapi

    Brugmansia sp.

    And many many more.

    just email me a list of what you have to trade.