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Re: Using salvia in a vaporiser

PostPosted: Fri Jul 23, 2010 2:06 pm
by Ulmdorgr
Say no to bulbs - they're too short and you usually have to use a lot of plastic close to where you will be heating up your magical powder. Get a cheap crack pipe, an empty 20 oz water bottle (this shape), and make a The Machine (do your research first).

Punch a hole at the back of the water bottle where you will suck up the smoke. Create a seal between the crack pipe and the top of the water bottle (punch a hole in the cap to slide the pipe through, then put duct tape or putty around the connection. Put your extract in the pipe, and rotate it so the hole faces downwards (so smoke doesn't escape; you shouldn't need a plug, but you could put a pre-burnt mesh ball in the hole if you like). Torch the bottom of the pipe, with just the tip of the flame touching the glass. Hold your finger on the back hole of the water bottle so rising smoke/vapor won't escape (if salvinorin A's density is higher than water it should sink to the bottom of the water bottle, as DMT does). When all of the extract has been vaporized/burned, set down your lighter, then suck up the vapor in one hit from the back of the water bottle. I'm trying to find the video of what I'm talking about, I have it on my computer but it's on a forum somewhere.

Re: Using salvia in a vaporiser

PostPosted: Fri Jul 23, 2010 2:12 pm
by sircrf
hmm thats interesting. I dont understand what the machine is 100%

Re: Using salvia in a vaporiser

PostPosted: Fri Jul 23, 2010 3:30 pm
by NotZapple
Ulmdorgr wrote:I'm trying to find the video of what I'm talking about, I have it on my computer but it's on a forum somewhere.

Hm, I'd be interested to see this video too.

Re: Using salvia in a vaporiser

PostPosted: Fri Jul 23, 2010 7:00 pm
by jasonsalvia
ive smoked mj from a light bulb vaporizer for 7 years now. Never a problem...

Re: Using salvia in a vaporiser

PostPosted: Fri Jul 23, 2010 7:04 pm
by jasonsalvia
PS clean out real thoroughly and heat it up for a awhile empty to burn everything out. Ive used the same bulb for 7 years, has never cracked on me...

But now that I have a cool little ice bong, the light bulb is retired.

Re: Using salvia in a vaporiser

PostPosted: Fri Jul 23, 2010 9:39 pm
by Ulmdorgr
jasonsalvia wrote:ive smoked mj from a light bulb vaporizer for 7 years now.

Hardcore. Clean it out and take some pictures.

The Machine is typically a glass bottle by itself with a steel wool mesh plug/cork that you pre-melt your substance into. It then allows the plug to be heated up directly, which vaporizes the stuff and spreads heat out through all of the contact points with the glass (so the whole bottle gets hot and keeps the vapor in a gaseous form rather than returning to a sticky melted form that won't be procurable). It grew out of the DMT subculture specifically for DMT, which has a very low boiling point (140-176 degrees F).

The crack pipe thing I was talking about isn't really a The Machine, but it works beautifully (you gotta see the vid!). Well guess what, I just found it. Download here.

Re: Using salvia in a vaporiser

PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2011 12:44 pm
by Unclejack
Hi there,

this will be my first post here and I don't know how many times I will come back here.
But as it happens I was googling some more info about salvia and I am actually looking for a forum dedicated to salvia divinorum with people that actually know what they are talking about. Most forums tend to have a drugs page with subcategories, but a lot of people on these fora don't always know what they are talking about...
This may feel like a forum bump, but since this post is still on the main page of Methods of Use, I figured I would post my 2 cents.

Well anyway, as it happens I found this website and started to read something here and there and stumbled on this topic. I myself am a Salvia beginner and have "used" her about 6 times now, only 2 of these were stage 2 or 3 at most. I am trying to learn from my past experiences and try to improve the doses slowly and on my own speed.

I have made about 3 light-bulb vaporizers in the past year, I haven't really used it for salvia yet, except for my second time of salvia use. I used a dose of about 0,04g 10x Salvia from the dutch smartshop and I did notice some slight effects like a stage 1 experience. I was trying to inhale very carefully and didn't dare to inhale too much too fast, I also didn't keep the smoke in for more than 15~20 seconds. It was like a test to test out if the vaporizer would work with salvia in the future/see what it is like to get a small dose of salvia.
What I noticed however was that the Salvia had the most taste of all my uses, it tasted a bit more minty and blue-ish combined with the plant-like feeling that I get when vaporizing mj than when I use a bong to smoke the salvia. After inhaling I had this idea of blue and minty feeling all around my body for a second.

What I would like to say is that I believe, based on my 1 time use with the vaporizer and salvia, using a homemade light-bulb vaporizer and a bic lighter with salvia (provided it's some kind of extract and grinded as good as possible) should be perfectly possible. I will try it somewhere in the future anyway.

People tend to say salvinorine A bruns at 1400 F, while this is correct, it does not mean that salvinorine A will not go into the "vapor" state without actually getting to this 1400 F. Most of the Salvinorine A will go into a gaseous phase if heated long enough at a decent temperature. I believe I have read somewhere that around 520F Salvinorine A can go into the "vapor" state. (linked by Ulmdorgr on page 1 of this topic:

What is important and how I would try to vaporize enriched salvia in a light-bulb vaporizer is:
to seal the entrance of the light bulb very tightly with the provided cap, heat the bulb around all sides without actual salvia in the bulb just yet. After a while, when you think the bulb is warm enough (not too warm), add some salvia extract to the vaporizer, close the bulb and try to tape it airtight.
Next suck out the air in the bulb and immediately try to close off the holes, start heating the bulb again and keep heating the entire glass bulb from most sides (I tend to use small tealights, cozy, nice smell, warm and colourfull; however do watch out with higher doses and have a alert sitter near to prevent fire burns) to prevent a clear temperature gradient around the glass. Also keep the cap at the downside so the smoke gathers in the glass bulb and doesn't enter the plastic cap and termo-isolated metal part of the bulb too much. I think this would work very well with a good amount of salvia extract in the bulb.

If you use a good vaporizer and keep it warm, this may even be the healthiest way of inhaling. However, as Salvinorin A and the other reactive molecules have a very high boiling point and vaporization point, it will be very hard to prevent the plant from burning up and forming ash when you start to add more oxygen when you start to inhale it all. But even this may be perfected to some extent by experienced "real" vaporizer users.

In conclusion: I believe heating salvia for an extended duration at a lower temperature than 1400 F, (but high enough ofcourse, don't go and try heating it with boiling water), 30 seconds+ will in fact vaporize most of the Salvinorine A anyway. Condensation however will always occur in a mild way, though I believe not enough would condensate (if you keep the glass warm) to actually have a real impact on the amount of Salvinorine you can inhale. This is provided you do not use leaves, but extracts so that the amount that needs to be heated is as small as possible. I am not a scientist or very experienced salvia user, but this is what I, at the moment, believe. Feel free to leave your comments and feel free to say I am totally wrong.

Small note on light-bulb vaporizers: some people are afraid of burning heavy metals or other trash when using homemade-vaporizers. I actually believe there is not much that can go wrong. Just clean the bulb with salt and enough water or acetone. Bulbs are made to be very resistent to heat (The core in light bulbs can reach 4500 F easily) and they use materials that do not provide hazards for the health of people if a bulb burns down or breaks while it's very warm. Bulbs are made to be very resistent to heat (uses wolfram/quartz) while being safe to a certain degree at the same time. The noble gas (argon) that's inside the bulb before you break it, is also not harmful in any way. Hell if you are sure it's only argon inside the bulb, you could inhale the entire gas without feeling anything (I suggest you don't try this at home).

Greetings from Belgium,

Re: Using salvia in a vaporiser

PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2011 3:14 pm
by Ulmdorgr
Every forum is different simply because of its inhabitants. You will find many recreational, uneducated users of drugs everywhere (drug forums, growing forums, youtube, etc.). I can guarantee that you will find some reasonably educated people here, however only one of us considers themselves a chemist, and he doesn't frequent the forum often (although he can be reached via PMs here: memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=294). Like I said in your welcome message, the people here come and go simply because they do not need help growing anymore.

As far as smoked salvia use goes, I can reasonably say that I am one of the most experienced people in the world on this topic, having had ~17 experiences using various pipes and brands/concentrations of extract (I've hit every level of experience). Having said that, I also do my research, so I can help others clarify their experiences and methodology.

One problem with the salvia products that are available is that they come with "flavors." The blue/minty taste you had was probably due to the additives. I have a terrible sense of taste/smell, so I can't differentiate between strains of cannabis (I know the plant's smell, but it's always pretty much the same) nor salvia (which is unique; putting "fortified leaf extract" in your mouth tastes like dirt). I can't detect additives unless it's very aromatic. This is good, though, because then I prefer unadulterated salvia over flavored.

If you can successfully vaporize salvia/salvinorin A, you will definitely have a better hit. Using a bong will mix it with smoke, which will take priority when it comes to sensing a smell.

Thank you for your insights. I have yet to try it with a vaporizer. Handheld, homemade vapes are usually very difficult to heat up or hold without burning yourself, especially if you're trying to plug holes and such near a flame. Also, as far as dangers go, the only thing I would be worried about is heating up the adhesive material used to connect any parts (like bulbs with plastic straws attached). I think it's safer to use my previous recommendation which is as follows:
-Get a 20oz plastic soda/water bottle and a crack pipe like this one: ... rack02.jpg
-Cut a hole in the 20oz cap so that the pipe can slide through slightly.
-Seal the hole with putty/your favorite thing (duct tape, gum, etc.).
-Cut a hole in the back of the 20oz, this is where you inhale from once the 20oz fills up with vapor.
Benefits: safe area to heat glass without heating other materials. Reservoir area to let vapor collect while material is still being heated.

Re: Using salvia in a vaporiser

PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2011 8:56 pm
by nothim
sorry for interrupting your disscusion here,

for those into flavor type: the mint (mentha piperita) flavor is the best!

you can make your own blend for a shisha:

30 % dry plant material
20% flavor (mint, dry apple , dry berries) everything has to be dry otherwise it won't burn
25% glycerin -you get that from a chemist
25% honey

you can add more dry plant material and flavor if you like that.
if you use blackberries or other type of flavor , peach, strawberry, blueberry, apple....make sure you cut small pieces of them and dry them thoroughly on a ceramic plate
do not use them if they are not well dried

the smoke is soft , and the effects are chill, soft !

Re: Using salvia in a vaporiser

PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2011 10:34 am
by Unclejack
I will have a hard time finding a crack pipe like that, I would need to make one myself I guess or can you buy similar things like that in chemistry hobby-shops?

Some people also claim Salvinorine A/C or any salvinorine actually burns down if you heat it too much and too long. And if you do not inhale immediately while burning some of the salvinorine transforms into rubbish ash and CO2. I have no idea if this is true, seems highly unlikely that it happens that fast. But if this is indeed true and significant enough using a vaporizer would actually improve the concentration of active salvinorine without the risk of burning the salvinorine to ash.

All of my home-made light-bulb vaporizers are made with a hard plastic or glass tube inserted into a hard plastic coca-cola cap taped with heat-resistant silver duct-tape.
I am afraid the worst thing that could happen with this setup is indeed buring the adhesive used with the duct-tape. But I have yet to experience real trouble with this and most of the time it's pretty easy to prevent the cap/duct-tape part from getting really warm. The light-bulb area where you tape the cap also consists of thermo-isolated materials, this prevents, to some extent, the cap from getting really warm heat difufsing from the glas/air in the bulb to the outer part. However, I agree this is probably the most dangerous part of the bulb and I agree you might burn/vapor some of the duct-tape adhevise, but if this happens I actually think it's in such small amounts and irregular (provided you don't smoke all day), that it does not really provide a real health risk. Light-bulbs do not provide different areas to heat and gather gas though. They are rather small in volume too so you will end up inhaling pretty much everything in a small toke fast, which can be annoying if you vaporized too much.

By the way, I kept writing salvorine A/C etc but it's actually salvinorine ofcourse, I have no idea why I did write it like that.

Re: Using salvia in a vaporiser

PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2011 8:38 pm
by Ulmdorgr
You mean salvinorin (no "e" at the end).

Are pipes illegal in Belgium?

Re: Using salvia in a vaporiser

PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2011 5:53 am
by Unclejack
Well I think so, I have yet to find a shop that sells crack pipes, perhaps in the netherlands somewhere. But even there they tend to only sell water pipes/bongs/small real pipes (of metal). I tend to find things like this: ... apbong.jpg ... star_7.jpg

But perhaps with some good searching I can find something decent.
And yeah I just found out Salvinorine is dutch for salvinorin, haha silly me.

Re: Using salvia in a vaporiser

PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2011 5:56 pm
by Jamison Schuetz
I bet a vaporizer would work pretty nice with Salvia divinorom, and it also works with tobacco and other entheogens. Currently I recently bought what is called an
electric cigarette. It has to charge with electricity overnight though to work, but all you do is charge it and then it comes with these filters that you attatch to the
end of the electric cigaratte and then the electric cigarette blows vapor, the vapor is sortof like smoking a real fire filter like an f'in marlboro or somethin! And the electric cigarette does blow smoke but its vapor. Then you can buy menthol
and regular flavored filters for the cigarette and vapor smoke those too. I wish they had marijuana filters! eheh. But yeah, and I used to have bad asthma,
and you know what? The electric cigarette sortof cured my asthma and now I don't need my meds or inhalers anymore. Sorry I don't have so many posts I'm from over
at spiritplants. But I hope to be a good amount of posts here too. Cheers!

Jamison Lee Schuetz
email: [email protected]

Re: Using salvia in a vaporiser

PostPosted: Fri Jul 15, 2011 1:20 am
by Ulmdorgr
Hi Jamison, thanks for posting. I had never heard of spiritplants, but I guess we are even smaller than you guys, ahaha. Yeah I would really like to try it in a vape some time. I bet the smoking efficacy would increase substantially, simply because you don't waste breath while heating the material with a flame.