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Jamison's sale/trade Spring List

Postby Jamison Schuetz » Fri Feb 17, 2012 12:42 pm

Hello, I have the below items for sale/trade. You will have to email me to get item(s) because I am accessing this using a cellular telephone, have a good day. Email me at: [email protected] {if you would like to trade email me to make an offer].

Psilocybe semilanceatea spore prints: $10.00 each
Psilocybe silvatica spore prints: $10.00 each
Psilocybe cyanescens spore prints: $10.00 each
Ephedra viridis 'Mormon Tea' [dried foliage] $30.00 for 1000 grams.
'Ivy' (Herena spp.) roots [dried 2" thick (OLD Growth)] $45.00 for 2000 grams
Ipomoea violacea "Heavenly Blue" $10.00 for 50 seeds.
Ipomoea vilolacea "Scarlet O'hara"; $20.00 for 50 seeds.
Artemisia vulgaris [dried foliage] $150.00 for 3000 grams.
Artemisia officinalis [dried foliage] $75.00 for 4000 grams.
Papaver somniferum (Chinese Opium) [dried stems] (Imported from S.E. Asia) $45.00 for 400 grams.
Eschscholtzia californica (California Poppy) seeds: $10.00 for 450 seeds.
Ephedra sinica (dried stems) $40.00 for 3 grams.
Piper betel (dried foliage) $100.00 for 500 grams. [imported from S.E. Asia)
Banisteriopsis caapi $25.00 for 400 grams [dried wood, 2" thick] [medium old growth]
'Jack-in-the-pulpit' (white/gold) $75.00 for 750 grams.
'Artemisia absinthe' [dried foliage] $200.00 for 50 grams.

email me for all inquires! Thanks!
Jamison Schuetz
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