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Free SUPER POPPY seeds

PostPosted: Tue Sep 13, 2011 2:41 pm
by slinky
These seeds are SUPER! That's really all that i can say about them. They germinate overnight, have a couple months to four months growings season, are very hot and cold hardy, though they flourish more in cold. just send me info, the first person gets the seeds. post a grow log. thanks.

Re: Free SUPER POPPY seeds

PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, 2012 11:15 am
by slinky
I'm not selling them for money anymore, but I am still giving them away. There's not a limit on how many people can have them, but I am going to limit the seeds to a few thousand for each person. I'm not charging you, and I don't need real names if you don't want to, just an alias and a shipping address. I can't grow them anymore where I live, and I was trying to do a breeding project with them, but now I just don't have the option to continue my little project. You guys really know your stuff, so maybe some of you guys could do it for me. Just p.m. me, or if you have a question that doesn't include private info, put in in the thread so others can read it. I don't want anything in return, and it's not like i'm a narc or anything (a, the seeds are 100% legal, and b, I don't know anything about you ppl). I'd appreciate it if you would post a grow log about how you 'friend's' patch is going (please don't post anything incriminating, it makes me nervous, because then giving you the seeds would technically be aiding and abbetting a criminal), but you don't have to post a log if you don't want to. I kinda just want to get these off my hands, because to have so many and not grow them would be selfish :lol: . EDIT: i'm not selling them for money, and I can't accept anything in return: