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PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2012 6:05 am
by RocketeerJim
I found THOUSANDS of free d/l books here:

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2012 1:05 pm
by nothim
cheers jim, i 'll have a look!

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 17, 2012 11:08 pm
by nothim
The Soil
everything must be at the size of less than 1 cm, and particles less than 2 mm have to be wasted
you will need :
30 % granite ... otostream/
30 % pumice or lava rock ... /lightbox/
30% pine bark[email protected]/5625032442/
10% pebbles

use fired clay pieces as the first layer in the pot
use liquid fertilizers when you water

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2012 11:49 am
by nothim

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 17, 2012 2:33 pm
by nothim

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2012 4:43 am
by nothim
I chose to post here.

I will give some details about how I reached this conclusion!
happened in a while, I saw my life in college physics student in Cluj napoca.intr a November night, after a session of brandy, I along with a friend (D), we decided it's time enough to hit something a little respectable bar for began to socialize, it got to chat with a guy who said he has something I thought grass ..... and we all went towards another bar (where you can smoke). I was 7-8 reached that bar, drunk quite well ... because bauturii.intr and grass really have to joint.At was smoking a good beer ... good music went know exactly how it was time ... when the type of grass (do not remember name-even page smile.gif)) gave me to put some tincture under the tongue "salvia divinorum" LEGAL IN ROMANIA!. the time I did not know what it is ... I was, however, semi-drunk . not know that I'm going to lose even more from some foreign hard to describe, difficult to conceive interesting .....
after 15-20 minutes I started to feel a very strange effect ....... I saw black and white image began to close (as the TV when you give off). considering that I was not who knows that experimented with grass, I thought she's to blame (I completely forgot the "sage"). sounds around us to see them .... repetau.puteam was like a white mist that enters together mine.vibram with blue felt and saw know how to explain it .... that was my visual for the song that went (Pink Floyd broke atmosphere .... have plenty of power in their sound) came tot.imi came over to vomit ........ seeing voices friends tried to explain .... too many ideas, too many words .... came a jumble of words, without any fun of me ...... crap (I thought)
everything oprit.ce hell? I was alone in a cone of light private right (from the chin down) but I sit translate to any part of the body had time to explore the possibility that all has gone mad .... I was cut to thousands of file (from head to toe) and someone passed mea.practic life ..... I have seen death without affect me too much, I knew that "film" my end ......... I was in a place that I can not explain .... I was alone, it was cold ... I tried to shout , I move, I grabbed a reusit.frica I mean FEAR! was terifiat.ce happened? where? why do everything so real? even have died? I died! ! I died .... I DO NOT EVEN AN ISSUE!!! GOD? where are you?? Where are you now? I started to laugh hysterically .... I figured ... what good joke .... GOD ............. I AM GOD!!. Time had no value, ..... I felt a euphoric feeling combined with a strange sadness ... I was alone ......... Why me??? Why me?? NOT! I started to hear some songs ...... strange feeling that I can answer any questions ...... but there was no total knowledge INTREBAREA.aveam Bring lucrurilor.aveam a different understanding of things. I realized that I exist in momentu ala .... I returned to the bar .... the world around me was ..... some cartoons were all laughing I do not know how long ....... ...... I realized that in fact are lying! world looks at me funny ........ suddenly. immense hatred ... grabbed me jegosii ..... ......... ...... people have nothing, all drink, they all do, few think .... . and less VAD.
suddenly I was pushed back and I started to move at a speed very experienced barului.un ceiling effect was odd that I could travel to be, in one person: the future EU, EU past and present I was moving at a speed so great, all things were in slow motion.iar patterns laughing ..... I laughed vietii.toate possible feelings were felt throughout! exactly That's right .... the top one was directly in the abyss ............ ..... nothing around me .... I was again in the form of "book" and someone I browse, but ...... I knew that I knew everything .... I'm in a not too distant past ... I was scared ..... what was more interesting was the universe left I ...... some galaxies with billions of stars, interact, exchange information, new races formats .... new types of smart new patterns .... I laughed, I was forced, what could I do? was above all thinking about Zorro and Che Guevara ..... I jumped into the mind, not that it had something to do, but try to take a pattern, a pattern, for this particular situation .... was too much for mine.l .. I heard repeating a verse of Eminescu "lucreafarul"
But they are the wind-
When waves are a grave
Following rises in waves "
was too much for me ......... I cried, I was given absolute knowledge and I was more cruel luata.cea gluma.reveneam .....
and stopped
I see my hands, I knew they were there, but we never noticed ..... I saw them together I saw that I was sidewalk, about 100 meters from my bar.prietenul (D) ran at me. I, I held the fabric edges realitatii.Vedeam reality .... all life patterns .... try to stay in my reality ..... I did not want .... I could not .... shaking. (D) reached mine.l I wondered what the hell is going on ..... and left again at speeds over perceptions know where I woke up the morning know As we arrived.
I did not know what's real and what know if I am .... or simply that we choose life (mine) in a gesture of hatred of ether, Who am I? I know, yes I I???
I noticed a change in the thinking was felu ..... another ..... my understanding of things has passed on the normal of the fizica.E insight ...... I can put in any situation I know .... what people around me ..... can you feel love, hate, passion, spiritual ugliness .... I see the subtle expressions of a form of telepathy fetei.Poate
I left college, although I have to finish it in future. Now it was my way ........ now no longer in Romania, I was separated from all the family there in name only for me ..... I try to divide the friends and all ties sick of my life. I create my own existence.

we must realize that all matter I just energy, vibrating very slowly fooaarte .... we are all one consciousness that is experiencing it, subiectiv.Nu no death ... Life is just a dream ... . and we are our imagination!

man is divided into three: body, mind and soul suflet.abia begin to discover ...... I was always with me, but was blocked by the routine of my life: college (less), alcohol, chicks and anything that could numb my body.
then ....... I smoked once salvia.experienta that remains only for me, but I have confirmed some things ..... was kind to me.

exercise your brain ..... and make the bridge between brain and suflet.toate sensations were described as very real, I felt physical pain beyond the boundaries of understanding .... all my being shaken.

not recommend to anyone "Salvia divinorum". given me too .... I'm sorry but I found only four days after he was "sage". all my experience lasted about 2 hours (normal experience with "salvia divinorum" lasts between 5 and 15

P. S. c17h21no4 (cocaine) has to be taken into account .... dreptate.dar: LSD, mescaline (peyote) are drugs ....... "Salvia divinorum" can not be considered drog.substanta salvinorum A (which is responsible for vision) is not found anywhere in nature and can not be produced in the laboratory ..... interesting!

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2012 4:47 am
by nothim
am ales sa postez aici.

vreau sa va dau niste detalii despre cum am ajuns la o astfel de concluzie!
sa intamplat de ceva vreme, imi vedeam de viata mea de student in cadrul facultatii de fizica in cluj ales sa postez aici.

vreau sa va dau niste detalii despre cum am ajuns la o astfel de concluzie!
sa intamplat de ceva vreme, imi vedeam de viata mea de student in cadrul facultatii de fizica in cluj napoca.intr-o noapte de noiembrie , dupa o sesiune de horinca, eu impreuna cu un prieten( D ) ,am hotarat ca-i timpul sa lovim ceva ajuns intr-un bar prea putin respectabil pt a fi inceput sa socializam, vorba luat la povesti cu un tip care spunea ca are ceva de m-am gandit la am plecat toti inspre alt bar (unde se poate fuma).eram deja vreo 7-8 ajuns la barul respectiv ,ametit destul de bine... din cauza bauturii.intr-adevar avea si iarba la fumat un joint.a fost bine, berea mergea ...muzica buna stiu exact cat era ceasul ...cand ,tipul cu iarba (nu ii tin minte numele-nici macar initiala smile.gif) ) mi-a dat sa pun sub limba putina tinctura de "salvia divinorum"LEGALA IN ROMANIA!.pe moment nu am stiut ce e....eram, oricum,semi-mort de stiam ca o sa ma pierd si mai mult intre niste hotare greu de descris ,greu de conceput .....interesante
dupa 15-20 de minute am inceput sa simt un efect extrem de ciudat.......vedeam alb-negru si imaginea a inceput sa se inchida (ca si televizorul cand ii dai off).avand in vedere ca nu eram cine stie ce experimentat cu iarba , am crezut ca ea e de vina (eu uitasem complet de "salvia" ).sunetele din jur se repetau.puteam sa le vad....erau ca si o ceata alba ce intra in mine.vibram impreuna cu simteam albastru si vedeam stiu cum sa explic altfel....asta era vizualul meu pt piesa care mergea (pink floyd rupea extrem de multa PUTERE in sunetele lor)Veneau de peste tot.imi venea sa vomit........vedeam vocile prietenilor incercat sa le explic....prea multe idei,prea multe cuvinte....a iesit o amestecatura de cuvinte, fara nici o ras de mine......prostii (ma gandeam eu)
totul s-a oprit.ce dracu?eram singur intr-un con de lumina priveam din partea dreapta ( de la barbie in jos) dar reuseam sa ma transpun in orice punct al corpului am avut timp sa explorez posibilitatea ca totul a luat-o razna simteam sectionat in mii si mii de file(din cap pana in picioare) si cineva ma trecut prin toata viata mea.practic mi-am vazut moartea.....fara sa ma afecteze prea mult, stiam ca "filmul" meu s-a sfarsit.........eram intr-un loc pe care nu-l pot explica....eram SINGUR,era incercat sa strig ,sa ma misc, nu am reusit.frica a pus mana pe vreau sa zic FRICA!!!eram terifiat.ce s-a intamplat?unde sunt?de ce ii totul asa de real?chiar am murit??AM MURIT!!!!CHIAR AM MURIT....EU NU MAI EXIST!!!!!!!!DUMNEZEU?unde esti??UNDE ESTI ACUM?am inceput sa rad isteric .... mi-am dat seama...ce gluma buna....DUMNEZEU............. EU SUNT DUMNEZEU!!!!!.Timpul nu avea valoare, fost cuprins de o senzatie euforica combinata cu o tristete ciudata...eram singur......... de ce eu????? de ce eu???NU POT!!! am inceput sa aud niste melodii ciudate......simteam ca pot sa raspund la orice intrebare......dar nu era nimeni SA PUNA INTREBAREA.aveam cunoastere totala a lucrurilor.aveam un alt tip de intelegere a lucrurilor. mi-am dat seama ca eu EXIST momentu ala m-am intors in bar....lumea din jurul meu era niste desene animate.....toti erau niste stiu cat timp......mi-am dat seama ca de fapt sunt intins pe jos!!lumea se uita ciudat la mine........dintr-o data....o ura imensa a pus mana pe mine.........jegosii.....oamenii......n-au nimic,toti beau,toti mananca,putini mai putini VAD.
dintr-o data am fost impins din spate si am inceput sa ma misc cu o viteza extrem de trecut prin tavanul barului.un efect ciudat al calatoriei a fost ca eu puteam sa fiu ,intr-o singura persoana: viitorul EU , trecutul EU si prezentul ma miscam la viteza asa de mare, toate lucrurile erau in slow motion.iar am ras.....radeam de tiparele vietii.toate sentimentele posibile s-au simtit tot!!!exact asa pe varf direct in abis............eram singur.....nimic in jurul meu....eram din nou in forma de "carte" si cineva ma rasfoia, dar stiam asta......stiam ca tot eu sunt....intr-un trecut nu prea eram speriat.....ceea ce era mai interesant, era universul din stanga mea......niste galaxii cu miliarde de stele,interactionau, schimbau informatii, rase noi formate....noi tipuri de inteligente....noi tipare,am ras, imi era sila, ce puteam sa fac? era deasupra tot gandeam la Zorro si la Che Guevara.....mi-au sarit in minte, nu ca ar avea vreo legatura, dar incercam sa iau un model,un tipar, pt situatia de fata......era prea mult pt mine.l-am auzit pe eminescu repetand o strofa din "lucreafarul "
Ei numai doar dureaza-n vânt
Deserte idealuri;
Când valuri afla un mormânt,
Rasar din urma valuri"
era prea mult pt mine.........plangeam,mi s-a dat cunoastere absoluta si mi-a fost luata.cea mai cruda gluma.reveneam.....
s-a oprit
imi vad mainile, stiam ca erau acolo, dar niciodata nu le-am observat.....le-am vazut si cu ele impreuna am vazut trotuarul pe care eram,cam la 100 de metrii de bar.prietenul meu (D) fugea inspre mine .Eu, ma tineam de marginile realitatii.Vedeam tesatura realitatii....toate tiparele vietii....incercam sa raman in realitatea mai mai puteam....tremuram.(D) a ajuns la mine.l-am intrebat ce dracu se am plecat,din nou cu o viteza peste inchipuirile mai stiu unde, m-am trezit dimineata stiu cum am ajuns.
nu mai stiam ce e real si ce stiam daca sunt EU....sau pur si simplu am ales viata respectivului(a mea) intr-un gest de ura fata de eter,cine sunt?ma cunosteam, da' eram eu???
am observat o schimbare.....felu in care gandesc era altul.....intelegerea mea asupra unor lucruri a trecut de cea normala,de cea fizica.E introspectiva......pot sa ma pun in orice situatie....stiu ce doresc oamenii din jurul meu.....pot sa le simt iubirea,ura,patima,uratenia sufleteasca....vad cele mai subtile expresii ale fetei.Poate e o forma de telepatie
m-am lasat de facultate,desi am sa o termin intr-un viitor. nu era drumul meu ACUM........deocamdata nu mai sunt in Romania,m-am desprins de tot ce eram, familia exista doar cu numele pt mine.....incerc sa ma despart de prieteni si de toate legaturile bolnave din viata mea. imi creez propria existenta.

trebuie sa ne dam seama ca toata materia ii doar energie , ce vibreaza foarte fooaarte incet noi toti suntem o singura constiinta care se experimenteaza pe EA ,subiectiv.Nu exista moarte...VIATA e doar un NOI suntem imaginatia noastra!!!

omul e impartit in 3 :trup ,minte si suflet.abia incep sa imi descopar sufletul......tot timpul a fost cu mine, dar era blocat de rutina din viata mea : facultate(mai putin) , alcool , gagici si orice lucru care ar putea sa imi amorteasca trupul.
de atunci ....... am mai fumat o data salvia.experienta respectiva ramane doar pt mine, dar mi s-au confirmat unele lucruri.....a fost mai blanda cu mine.

exersati-va faceti puntea dintre creier si suflet.toate senzatiile descrise mai sus au fost cat se poate de reale,am simtit durerea fizica dincolo de hotarele intelegerii....toata fiinta mea zdruncinata.

nu recomand nimanui "salvia divinorum". mie mi s-a dat prea imi pare rau....dar eu am aflat doar dupa 4 zile ca a fost "salvia" .toata experienta mea a durat cam 2 ore ( o experienta normala cu "salvia divinorum" dureaza intre 5 si 15

p.s. c17h21no4 ( cocaina ) are dreptate.dar....trebuie luat in calcul :LSD , MESCALINA(PEYOTE) sunt droguri......."salvia divinorum" nu poate fi considerat drog.substanta salvinorum A (care e responsabila de viziuni) nu se gaseste nicaieri in natura si nu poate fi produsa in laborator.....interesant!!!

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by nothim
Hello world!
I am interested in buying a luna strain.
Can anyone point directions?
Thank you.

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