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Shiitake Mushroom Kit – The Best One Available

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Shiitake Mushroom Kits

The Best Shiitake Mushroom Kit

Grow Your Own Shiitake Mushrooms – With This Amazing New Kit

Did you know you could grow your own Shiitake Mushrooms at home? Well now you know, and it’s never been easier.With a Shiitake Mushroom kit, you could have mushrooms for many months to come. It’s really fun to watch these kits start pushing out the mushrooms, which are very delicious to eat. You can add them to your pizza or other meals, for extra flavor. The Scientific name for this mushroom is Lentinula edodes, which originated from east asia, and has become very popular.


Why Are Shiitake Mushrooms So Popular

Shiitake mushrooms have been a well known food source for thousands of years. It has been added to many different types of dishes and receipts all over the world. This mushrooms is one of the world favorite for many reasons. Probably the best reason is the fact that these mushrooms taste amazing and it almost feels like you cant get enough of them, once you get your first taste of this delicious natural foods. Some of the dishes that include this wonderful mushrooms are vegetarian dashi, miso soup.

In Thailand Shiitake mushrooms are used in the famous disk Buddha’s delight. Today there are large scale production of these special mushrooms all over the world, but mostly in Russia, China, and Thailand.